Thursday, February 23, 2012

Happy First Birthday Alexa!!

I know it has been MONTHS since I was on my blog, let alone posting on it, but here I am! My Craft Room has mostly been a dumping ground for things that needed to be stashed away in order to clean other areas of the house. Literally you could not even walk in the room never mind craft a card. 

Anyway, a friend Photographer of mine wanted to do a picture for her College course of people who collect things; I collect crafty things, especially RIBBON! SO that was incentive for me to clean up the mess. Not to mention my Cutie Patootie Niece just turned one (She was sick with RSV and in hospital and got out ON her birthday, Poor Thing) and I needed a super cute card for a super cute kid!

Here is the INSIDE!!!

After crafting this card with some new materials (mostly purchased months ago with the intention of getting crafty) I dug out the Awesome Camera my hubby bought me for my birthday. Slowly but surely I am learning to use it a bit. Well thanks for stopping in to visit, hopefully I will be back again soon.