Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My Brothers minus 1

I was sifting through my pictures and found this one of my brothers and I (minus our Oldest Brother) Its not the greatest of pictures but these days with us all being SO busy you very rarely get us in the same room. LOL This was from my 30th Birthday. The one on the left, PJ, is our "rebel, tattooed, pierced punk" whom I love to pieces. I just need him to design my next tattoo some time before I am The middle one is Chris and it is strange that he didn't have so goofy face. He is our "Chris Farley" of the family because he makes everyone laugh. In fact he makes my mom laugh so hard she sometimes gags...too funny!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Nothing Fancy

but I do like the colors together. Those Loonie Stamper girls are converting me..I normally hate..HATE orange. yuck, patooey! but its growing on me! lol

Monday, March 29, 2010

How did I survive...

... before the Medallion stamp came out? I friggin LOVE this stamp. You can do sooooooooo many things with it!! Anyway, I used ripe avocado and spring moss on it and layered it on Lemon tart.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

a thought away!

Little Sympathy card for the flower these colors together!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Fast and Simple

Here is a few fast and simple cards I made. The flower shop I make cards for wanted some blank one (which I suck at) so I used Life and some sparkly Embossing powder to do these up.

I love the butterflies on this one, makes the cards so natural!

Thanks for popping in today, have a great weekend!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Loonie Stampers Challenge #85

AHEM!! Wendy, I know you are reading this!!! We are FRIENDS OFF right now! Purple...pffft! As you can all tell Wendy selected the challenge this week and she chose,....purple. ( I kid darling, I luvs ya)

...after finishing the card I suppose purple is not so bad (but this card would look supah cute in blues or pinks and I have to give Wendy a hard time though!

Lets see what the rest of the crew made out of purple!
Dee ~ Regan ~ Maria ~ Char ~ Wendy

Dont forget if you make a card with us, link it up in the comments!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

CASEing Ashley

So Ashley posted a beautiful card a little bit back and I thought is was stunning!! So I tried the same layout and style just switched up the colors. You can see her amazing original here.

Man that girl is good! Thanks for the inspiration Ashley!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I made this card with the papers I had leftover from a previous Loonie Stampers Challenge. I almost forgot that I had the cupcake in the 2nd limited edition anniversary set from Papertrey Ink. Speaking of which, I wonder what year three is?

Anyway, have a great day!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tropical Wedding

I was asked to do some more samples for a couple that are planning to be married in fun! She wanted a watermelon pink accented with yellow and orange and this is what popped into mind. I have to work up more samples plus do save the date and RSVP cards as well but I was so pleased with the results of these two that I HAD to post now.

I made the tall one with the Life set from Papertrey Ink. The second one is the Medallion Stamp from Stampin Up...which has become a staple in my Craft room lately!

Thanks for stopping by today...Tell me, Which one is your favorite?

I love this card so much

Ever make a card and swear up and down that you will never give it away? I did with this one and then ooops, I gave it away. My sister in law wanted some card for her moms birthday so i out together a gift pack for her and this one was picked to go in as well. I guess I forgot to put it away.... Oh well, I am sure she likes it as much as me, now if only I could remember where I bought that great accordion style ribbon???

Monday, March 22, 2010

Always & Forever

Hi How are ya today?
While you are looking at this little love card, I am probably back to work by now...blah! You know sometimes I get so sick of staring at a computer screen all day and wish I had a job doing something else...haha Like making cards ALL the time.

This card is actually for the local flower shop order that I received. I must thank them, because their order has forced my creativity and i seem to have found my mojo again! Thanks for visiting today.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Just wanted to quickly share this one....I made it quite a while ago and forgot to post it

Thanks for stopping in today!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Birthday Fluffies

Here is a cute little number I made recently. I used some felt letters that were left over from Christmas time. The store I worked at seasonally had Christmas stockings that came with sticky felt letters to personalize your name. They gave all the leftovers to me!!

Anyway, I stamped birthday up the side of the "p" and it turned out pretty good because the felt is relatively flat. Then I dressed up the card with some chenille ribbon. It is so soft I want a blanket made out of that stuff!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Loonie Stampers Challenge #84

This fun filled Challenge was picked by the lovely Maria!! She chose for us to use a diecut shape on our card. What great incentive for me to bring out my cuttlebug, I have not used it in a while!

I decided to use my scalloped and regular circle nesties to cut this super cute paper and turn them into my background on this card. I stamped the sentiment on the reverse of this cute paper and added some bling!! The only thing I would do differently if I could is to plop my martha stewart cupcakes onto the same green reverse paper as the sentiment.

Thanks for stopping in to check out my challenge card...dont forget to visit the other ladies before you make a creation of your own.

Dee ~ Regan ~ Maria ~ Char ~ Wendy

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we would love to come visit you too!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

My new Storage

I got rid of some odd and ends furniture I was using in my craft room. I "donated" it to ny Daughters for there "house" downstairs. I went to Giant Tiger a few weeks ago and found the drawers, which are actually supposed to be bedside tables (for elves I think because they are quite small) They also had the three tier skinny shelves for $10 each. So last night I finally put everything together and had the DH help me carry the other things downstairs...... Now to repaint and move around everything else. LOL

The drawers are completely full of my punches, which I love. It is closer then it used to be and way more organized. One other thing that is my fav, I had these jars from the dollar store in order to store my PTI buttons separately and hated that in order to store them and display each color it took up loads of room. So now I stacked them on there sides in one of the cubes (top row second cube from the left)

Thanks for stopping in tonight, see you all tomorrow for a fun-infused Loonie Stampers Challenge!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

LSC #82 & 83 Updated

So here is an updated picture of my invitation sample as I stated in my previous post (I have to stop trying take pictures at night...or redo my DIY Lightbox) I also added the text to give a better idea of the finished product. :)

I have adopted a new way of presenting samples to my customers. I always get there info and print on Vellum so we can seee the text on each style with out having to print on all of them. It just turns out to be such a waste of paper...Anyway I did have to blank out the names of my current Customers as this is their real verse. I cant wait to show you the invite set that they did pick (its not this one)

Thanks for stopping by and have a super day...Now I have to run off to a Charity Gala thingy. WE HAVE ALREADY RAISED $12,000 and we have not even started the event. I am SO excited!!! Have a great weekend!

LSC #82 & 83

So last week I was a bad blogger! I did not get my card done because sadly I let busy life distract me from what I love to do most. After tomorrow things settle down and I cant wait to get into my room and finish a wedding invitation order of 140 and also an order of 50 cards for a local flower shop. So I now bring you a combo card of #82 and #83!!!

This is a sample invitation I made to add to my online store (if I evr get time to update it...LOL and my picture sucks so I will have to really stage a better one for the web soon.

I hope you have time to create, and if you do don't forget to link it up in the comments. We love I mean, visiting you! Dont forget to go see what the ladies are cooking up....If the managed to tear themselves away from the newly released Eclipse 90 second trailer!

Dee ~ Regan ~ Maria ~ Char ~ Wendy