Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Merry Christmas!

I made this card really simple. Designer paper over card stock, dressed with pretty ribbon I found at Michael's. When I saw the brown with cream Snowflakes I HAD to have it!! Like I don't have enough ribbon... anyhow the stamps are from PTI as usual as is the card stock and the avocado twill.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Peace and Love

Just a simple card for memories of a lost loved one!
I made this for a new order for the flower shop!

Have a great day and thank you for stopping by to see me today!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Loonie Stampers Challenge #59

ETA: I had scheduled my post to go live on Friday and I messed up on the publish date. Sorry guys! and Hear I thought I was ahead of the game because I had it done last Tuesday!

This weeks challenge was hard for me... I LOVE layers but we can only do a single layer card. So this is one that I came up with. I used a couple of rub ons and added gems to the tree and a cute little ribbon. Definitely was not as hard as I thought and I likes it!!

My girls are all in Delaware right now (I miss you guys & hope you are having a blast!!)
but they have still done their LSC so go check them out!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

LSC #58

This weeks challenge was to be inspired by this mine may be a stretch but I am preparing for a wedding and being crafty. The wedding is a fall theme and the red combined with the cute little ghosts makes me think her is my project.

As you can see I have to multi task so instead of giving you nothing I thought I would share the Wreath I made for behind the head table! I hope the Bride LOVES it. And here is a fall themed wedding card....

Dont forget to see what the ladies did...

Speaking of ladies I get the pleasure of having Lunch with 2 of them today (Char & Wendy) since I am in Calgary.....weeeee!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Creep-tacular Wedding Card

Well I said yesterday that I was going to start sending Christmas cards on to the blog but I forgot about this unique little card. SO lets get it out of the way before we see more tinsel and glitter and holiday Cheer!

This, THIS my friends, is a wedding card! I know! Ok...get up off the floor now. the couple this card was custom ordered for had a corpse bride wedding.....uh huh!

I also helped the purchaser (my good friend Sarah the baker) make the chocolate fudge topping that we made look like drips running off the fondant...I will see if I can share a picture of that soon.

Thanks for visiting today! This commercial break from Christmas Cards was brought to you by "Strange Weddings"....LOL I kid! Unique is the term ;)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Let Christmas Begin!

Ok, so I hate snow and cold and all that but I do enjoy making Christmas cards. I am afraid to tell you that you will see a lot on the blog for a while. I have decided to do a 2 craft market in town. A friend of mine gave me some GREAT pointers from the years that she was in it.

I have only just started making cards and I have a pretty large goal of cards and paper crafted goodies to sell. I have 6 weeks to get my act together.....wish me luck!


Friday, September 11, 2009

Loonie Stampers Challenge #57

This weeks challenge is brought to by Char's picks! I was very afraid at first! But I ended up like the combo so much that this week I made 2 cards. :)

This first card I used my top notes die. Love it!!! This actually still just a card front, I was still up in the air on what color base to mount it on. I did eventually decide but I thought I would do it after (I want to put it on kraft which is not part of the challenge...LOL)

... and this is the second card I made, not quite my fav but still nice!

Thanks so much for stopping in, please do not forget to
visit the rest of the crazies, I mean loonies!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

My Girls

This is McKayla on her first day of school

This is McKenzie the morning of her birthday. This is her "three year old girl pose" as she calls it

Kenzie chillin in her party dress, Thanks Gramma the dress was the best!!

Kenzie showing her excitment for a leather jacket from her uncle! The first thing she said (moments after this picture) was "Oh my gosh, now I have to get a brand new motobike like Daddy" LOL so funny!

The aftermath: McKenzie was thrilled, tired, wired, covered in icing but I am happy to report she still wants motorbike to go with her leather jacket. Daddy is gonna have to talk her down from that one cause all I have to say is Hell No!

Friday, September 4, 2009

yikes, I hate stress

So my husband comes home from work yesterday and the first thing he says is...Hey I wanna ask you something. The way he said it made me think of the last time I heard that question in that tone of voice. It was when he asked me what I would think of moving to New Mexico, USA. I guess I am pretty good at reading him.

Apparently his boss' son (who is in charge of a huge majority of operations) asked Curtis if he would consider the idea of moving to Casper, Wyoming. I am fairly certain that the look on my face answered all questions he had....LOL He expressed to his boss it was not so much about considering a move he claimed it would be "considering how badly he would want to divorce his wife" HAHAHAHA See I guess he knows me as well.

He knows where I stand and vice versa, I am just in worry mode because he takes his career so seriously and I just hope that he is not feeling let down about not being able to pursue a possibly huge career move (not to mention a humongous pay increase which could potentially be given straight to PTI. I wonder if payroll can do auto deductions for stamps?...LMAO. I kid. I kid)

Anyway that among other depressing things and being busy at work has me in an anti-creation mode, so please bare with me I will return soon I PROMISE. In the meantime I will try to throw a few tasty paper treats you way, gotta have some eye candy.

LSC# 56 - Stargazers & Gerbers

Welcome to Loonie Stampers Challenge #56!!
This week was my selection and I chose to use one of my photographs for inspiration. Please note I only WISH these flowers were bought for me...haha. They we some my Brother bought my mom and they were so stunning I had to take a picture of them. Who does not love star gazers and gerbs?

Anyway, I have a funny confession to make. I made my selection of colors based on the picture before I looked at my paper stock. I did not have any sweet blush so I used the closest match I had. Too Funny! Simple Card not a whole lot too it but the simplicity is wonderful, IMO.

Don't forget to visit the ladies (who are all getting ready to meet in Delaware in a few weeks )

I can not wait to see what they did with these great colors!!