Friday, September 4, 2009

yikes, I hate stress

So my husband comes home from work yesterday and the first thing he says is...Hey I wanna ask you something. The way he said it made me think of the last time I heard that question in that tone of voice. It was when he asked me what I would think of moving to New Mexico, USA. I guess I am pretty good at reading him.

Apparently his boss' son (who is in charge of a huge majority of operations) asked Curtis if he would consider the idea of moving to Casper, Wyoming. I am fairly certain that the look on my face answered all questions he had....LOL He expressed to his boss it was not so much about considering a move he claimed it would be "considering how badly he would want to divorce his wife" HAHAHAHA See I guess he knows me as well.

He knows where I stand and vice versa, I am just in worry mode because he takes his career so seriously and I just hope that he is not feeling let down about not being able to pursue a possibly huge career move (not to mention a humongous pay increase which could potentially be given straight to PTI. I wonder if payroll can do auto deductions for stamps?...LMAO. I kid. I kid)

Anyway that among other depressing things and being busy at work has me in an anti-creation mode, so please bare with me I will return soon I PROMISE. In the meantime I will try to throw a few tasty paper treats you way, gotta have some eye candy.

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  1. oh girl I miss the hell out of you, damn like getting in the way of crafting..pppffftt