Friday, May 30, 2008

You Did It!!

This is completely cased. I seen this card on both Becky's Blog and again on Taylor's Blog. I loved the cards and knew that as soon as I had the exclusive PTI Anniversary set in my possession I HAD to make it.

The pink one is made on sweet blush card stock, matted with berry sorbet and those inks used as well. Then I used the pink baubles that a friend of mines DH picked up for me from the Dollarama in Vancouver (Thanks Justin) Then I also added the grad cap and scroll, a little hard to see but cute none the less. The blue is made on aqua mist and is matted with blue bayou and matching inks. (although I no longer have my AM ink so I substituted with soft sky).

That is all for today my friends, I am tired and need to goto bed I think. Have a happy weekend!!

Everyone is tagging

Everyone is tagging and I think it is a really fun one so here is my notes. (with a little "I dare ya" from Em...Hi EM!!!)

What was I doing 10 years ago?

10 Years ago I was moving in with my now DH. We started dating in my grade 12 year, moved in together after 2 years married after 5 and still going strong all these years later.

Five Snacks I Enjoy:

*Tuna and Crackers

*White Chocolate Brownies

*Sweet Chili Heat Chips

*Tim Horton's Coffee, Does that count as a snack?

*My friend's homemade snicker doodle cookies

I would do if I were a billionaire:

Buy an island and fill it with all my favorite scrapbookers, card makers and and endless amount of supplies. LOL

Five of my bad habits: )

*clenching my Teeth


*too much Coffee

*swearing...(gasp, I know, I blame it on growing up with all older brothers :)

*staying up too late/sleeping in

Five Places I have lived:

Petewawa, Ontario

Suffield, Alberta

Medicine Hat, Alberta

Farmington, New Mexico, USA

Medicine Hat, Alberta

Six random things:

1. I have naturally curly hair, as does my 4 year old daughter. Bath time for her sucks because she hates having it brushed but we have o choice obviously. It is usually a 30 minute process just for her hair.

2. I bought a Jetta the other day...weeeee I can't wait to get my new ride!

3. I hate winter. I love the summer time, being able to get out of the house and enjoy nature (but not too much natures...No Bugs

4. I am trying to lose weight and I am currently have a tiny bit of luck. I go walking on a regular basis, mostly with 2 different friends and I love it!!! I really want to get a Wii and the new Wii Fit, Has anyone tried it?

5. My Daughter Sleep walks. It truly makes for interesting evenings. Sometimes she will just suddenly be in the living room and scare the poop out of me!!

6. I like to play pool. I have a pool table in my basement that hardly gets used and is currently stacked up with stuff. But recently I have joined my brother PJ at his "pool nights" at a local pub every Thursday night and a bunch of friends come too. we get drinks, food and play pool all night. No one can defeat my Brother as he is a bit of a shark, but it is now my new goal in life to knock him off his

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

May Blog Hop - Scoring

I hope you enjoy my simple little project. You will have to forgive me for a short post I almost forgot about it. I was side tracked with other exciting news....I bought a new VW Jetta Today and get to pick it up tomorrow, so I have been scrambling around to make all the arrangements needed.

So I have wanted to try the double pocket bag since it was on splitcoast and I finally did. I made 4 blank monogrammed cards and the pocket.

All my supplies are from Papertrey Ink except the stickles.

Our Challenge this month was using scored lines. I chose to score 2 lines on the top and 2 on the bottom. Once the scored lines were completed I added stardust stickle between the lines.

Scored lines are fairly hard to photo graph, but my lines are not as good as they could be. All in favour of buying a score pal say i..."I" haha Although after buying a car today my DH may have another opinion.

Just to match I also used a paint brush to lightly add some stickles to the letters and the four "corners" of this monogram.

Supplies: Sweet Blush c/s, berry sorbet c/s, stampers select, sweet blush & berry sorbet ink, stardust stickles, spring moss & berry sorbet satin ribbon, pink patterns paper (from he 12x12)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Long Over Due

..or so I am told! (Not pointing any fingers So I have been getting things together. you know summer time yard work, getting out and being active outside. I have been walking with my friend down the street, making some serious miles! I am down 5 lbs from the last week and a half. Yippee! But more to go. So to say that I have not been stamping much is an understatement, but alas, I have a some new things for you as soon as I photograph them.

Today I have a little card set and some SUPER stunning Cupcakes to share with you. One of our friends Tanis had her birthday a while back and plans didnt come together for her bday suprize so we did it belated. First I will show you the card I made her. The rest of the cards are made to match but for her to use and last I will show ya the cupcakes...SO CUTE you will want some too!

The card over there turned out super cute but was not quite enough. Sarah suggested that ad some "Dew Drops" her DH was kind enought to get for me while he was in Vancouver (even if I do own him a favor So I added dew drops along the twill ribbon 2 on top and 3 below. I also added some clear sparkle stickles to the brown/pink layer of the ovals. It really is a shame I forgot to re-take my pictures before she got them.

So I Like how these all turned out. I did add dew drops to all the cards so that them matched and then of course wrapped them up in a PTI clear Card Box as the finishing touch! The paper I used, in case anyone is wondering, is from the Slutry Collection from Basic Grey.

And now the minute I know you have been waiting for (ya dont hide from it. I know I lost you all as soon as I mentioned Cupcakes...LOL) These precious little gems were baked and decorated by my very own friend Sarah. I was actually speechless when I seen them. Thats saying a lot coming from me.

Ok and I JUST realized she did not send me the picture yet but she will in the morning so I will add it in when I get it...aww shucks now you have to wait!!
OK...Here is the Picture...Weeeeeeeee!!! Are these not the most delicious cupcakes you ever did see??

Well Have great day. I hope all my American friends had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend. One last thing...I GET TO GO SHOPPING FOR A BRAND NEW VW JETTA TODAY!!!! I am SUPER excited, yet I will still have to mourn the loss of my truck if we use it as a trade in.

See you again soon!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Lazy Monkey

This stamp set is SUPER cute! I love all the little monkeys out there and this one, called Monkey Madness, I found in a set at Clear Dollar Stamps. I have quite a few of her stamps and I really like them.

So this card was for a customer who wanted something a little more masculine and also mentioned that the birthday boy liked monkeys. How perfect because these stamps had not seen ink yet (as so many of stamps tend to be these

I started by using the distressed stripes (I think that is what it is called) Cuttlebug embossing folder, followed by a layer of always artichoke and mellow moss roughed up. Then I stamped my images onto very vanilla, water colored them and then cut along the leaves on the side. Next I stamped the bigger leaves, cut them out and made a canopy across the top. You can see the dimension of the layers in the second picture.

I got out my PTI Borders & Corners Rectangles and stamped the happy birthday image and cut it out. I layered it with dimensional stickers on top of the squiggly rectangle stamp also from the B&C set. Before attaching the sentiment block to the
card, I punch a slot down the left hand side and fed the ribbon through. I wrapped the ribbon across and added the decorative brad from Making Memories and then placed the sentiment block on.

After adding a green strip down the inside right hand side (not pictured) and a birthday hugs and wishes sentiment, I stamped one more leaf and cut and glued it onto the corner of the envelope.

All in all, the card turned out great, my customer loved it and I thoroughly enjoyed inking up this cute little set. If you have a chance visit Lori at Clear Dollar Stamps, she has a very cute a big selection of stamps available. They are easy on the wallet, great customer service and low shipping costs.

Have yourself a great day and to my fellow Canadians, I hope your long weekend is wonderful!!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Off Topic

Welcome to Echo Dale Farm! It is a place about 20 minutes outside the city I live in and there is swimming, beach, fishing, walking trails and a farm. On the farm there is a house that is around 100 years old and is one of the first houses in the area to have a second floor.It has been set up and decorated to reflect the way they lived back then. It is really fascinating.

Anyway they also have a bunch of different animale roamin around and the local schools and such take kids ther on feild trips. McKayla (my oldest Daughter) got to go with her Dacare group. The Daycare had a bake sale to help raise money to fund the trip (which my awesome friend volunteered to make 6 plates of fancy decorated animal shaped cookies and were the first to sell) I also came to help out and got to take abunch of pictures and I just thought I would share some with you!

These are pictures from on top of the hill. The view is incredible and the Farm scene picture is just amazing. I love the great look of the original buildings all well maintained to reflect the actual times.

The first picture here the EDF worker is holding out a brand new bunny for all the kids to pet. How cute and only 2 weeks old. The second picture the kids were all giggling at the crazy chickens runny around like they had all just been fed some redbull. I have never seen such hyper active chickens! Oh and a little side note, my kid is the one with all the hair!

Picture #1 - McKayla barely able to peek out from under her hat, too funny it was huge! The kids all enjoyed checking out the lambs under the wagons. Picture #2 - Petting donkeys was a blast for the kids. They actually thought they were petting the donkey from Shrek because the teascher ha told them that they remindered her of the movie. When we got up there the one donkey was eating a piece of newspaper that had blown into the fence. That page last all the way from February 2006.

Picture #1 - the cutest little lamb ever and the black sheep of the family as well. Picture #2 - McKayla trying to see me from under her huge hat again. She kept saying "Mom, Mom, I cant see you!!"

So after all that I suppose I should still show you something "Paper Crafty" SO here you go and enjoy! Hopefully I will be back really soon. Can you believe I have not been in my Design Studio for 3 days?? Thursday was busy, Friday was the farm day and a night out with friends, Saturday was a great Family BBQ and Coffee with friends and today I plan to work in the yard. All in all a pretty good and productive Long weekend!! Hope your is great as well.

Card Supplies:
Stamps: Clear Dollar Stamps
Ink & Color Cardstock: Stampin' Up!
White c/s: Stamper's Select from Papertrey Ink
Ribbon: Stampin' Up!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

May GSS Entries

Here are the cards & projects that entered in the May Guest Star Stamper Contest.

"Dreams Take Flight"
Pond Life Stamp Set
Edited to add: This card received an Honorable Mention on Nichole's Blog. Thanks Nichole, I consider it an honour to make great creations with all your great creations. *big smiles*

This card I loved the fact that it is super easy to mix and match the colors. I inked up the dragonfly with lemon tart and then I rock and rolled it and inked the body in burnt umber and then I stamped it. I thought it worked out pretty well.

To make the rock I used the shell of the turtle image stamped in grey and then I misted the stamp with water and then stamped to create a "washed over rock" type image.

The inside dragonfly was even easier as that image is 2 pieces so that you can stamp the body in a seperate color.

Lastly, I roughed up the edges of my cardstock and then I roughed up the ribbon ends to match.

This project was inspired by Nichole's Wallet for Dad. I thought...well Dad needs a briefcase as well.

This is the front view of the briefcase all folded up with a simple tag that says For You.

I dont have the exact sizes of everything but if you want to know just keave me a comment. :)

Here is the inside. It has pockets on the top lined with the great paper from the Father Knows Best series. I stamped and matted little quotes to tuck into the pockets. See the picture below for more detail.

The Happy Father's Day sentiment is done in the same pop up detail as seen in my last post.

Then pictures of my little cuties laying in the bottom of the breifcase. I add 2 copper brads to the top flap to act as the fasteners. Also I put 2 little strips of velcro on each end for the closure.

And here are the little quoates also matted on the FKB paper. I added the two twill colors from last months release as the pull tabs. Have I mentioned yet how much I love the thin PTI twill? No? Well i do...a LOT!

"The Leaf Card"
I have been doing more pocket cards lately, they are fun. Thi one I used lemon tart and stamped always artichoke leaves on it. Then I lined it with double stitch & twill ribbon. The teill fits perfectly between the stitches.
After that I rip the edge of the lemon and added some artichoke ripped also. Then I glued it down and added the brads.

The inside panel is cut into the shape of a leaf which I did free hand. I then embossed the veins of the leaf with an embossing stylus freehand.
I stamped my tree slightly off the paper and added the sentiments. I ove this one and it is totally true. If my Dad were still he I am sure he would agree...LOL
I did have a few others but I didnt like them as much so I am going to end it here and go make supper.
Have a good day people! Jewels

Finally another post

Isn't this the most beautiful picture you have ever seen? Ok I know these are "old releases"compare to the few that have been released since these ones, but they are new to me. I had a tiny mishap with my order and it was on vaca in the US until my Father in Law could bring it up to me here in southern AB Canada.

This was the first time I hit the "I want it all" button and MAN! that was fun. I LOVE everything.

6 stamp sets, 10 rolls of ribbon, 2 new ink colors, 12 x 12 and 6x6 pattern papers and 3 packs of cardstock!!

So I have been hiding away in my scrap room playing around.

These are 2 cute little people birthday cards that I made. Oddly enough I actually used stamps that arrived in a different order then from the picture as the focal point. lol. Anyway I used the mix and match centipede from Pond Life, Borders and Corners Square and the Simple Alphabet. The colors are Aqua Mist, Spring Moss, Berry Sorbet and Sweet them all!
Here are the insides of the cards. The little pink one will be actually used as you can see I already wrote in it. We only have one special family birthday this month.

My little niece Jayda aka Bug is turning 2. I decided to try the card style that Nichole did during that particular release which you can see here. (scroll down) It is so simple and adds SO much to a card. Ieven think itlooks super cute in the small 3x3 format of these cards.

Here is a little side profile to see the added dimansion of the inside. Brilliant!

The Chipboard piece was cut using a Cuttlebug Alphabet from a coaster. Great way to have your custom chipboard pieces. I then inked it with sweet blush ink and it was a bit strong in color so I sponged white craft over top to tone it down a notch. Then I cut the number with my CB and adhered it with tombow multi (my new fav glue and it smells nice too, not that I am a glue sniffer or anything *wink*)

Well that is all. I am off to write up some more postswhile blogger is letting me in. I was having issues logging in last night and this morning. But I will be back with some details on my GSS entries for this month.

Have a warm and wonderful day! (about 22 C here thats about 76 F) ahhhh Capri's and Flip Flops!!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mini cards x 400

Along with an order for 65 cards last week, the local flower shop that sells my card oredered 400 mini cards. The reason they did is because I informed them that I had a stamp with a saying on it that they use for there slogan. "The earth laughs in Flowers" is a sentiment included in the Green Thumb Papertrey Ink set and is the slogan they use.

After I told them about the stamp they asked if I could do up some examples and pricing. Cool! SO I came back the next day with 6 styles and they selected 4 of the 6 at 100 of each. Also they wanted 15 any occasion cards done with it. I will share pics of some of those later.

So here is a picture of my Favorite style. (sorry the picture is not that great. I was rushed to get them done and out the door so it is not as nice) The mini ards all measure 2.25 x 3.5.

This flower on this card if from the Beautiful Blooms Set, Yes THAT set again. If you are a regular reader then you know that I use that set A LOT. I used Mellow Moss, Regal Rose and Pretty in Pink ink. LOVE that combo.

This card also uses Beautiful Blooms, imagine that. And again I used mellow moss and Reagl Rose.
Now this one is a little different combo. It uses the snall and medium images from Spiral Bouquet and also the small leaf cluster. The reason I did it in the black and Green Galore is because black, White and This exact green are the colors the store uses. It really is quite sharp! You can see it on there website HERE. I did another style of the black and green with the new Garden of Life set and forgot to take a picture as I had them done early and delivered them a few days ago...oops!

Well that is all I have for you for now. But I will be back proabably in the wee hours of the morning to write some more posts as I have a TON of things to share with you all.

Don't forget tomorrow is the big release party for PTI and I will most certainly be there!!

Later!! Jewels

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!!!

This is a super fancy card that I made for My Sister in Law to give to her Mother. I thought I would share it with you today as I wish all the Mommies out there a Happy Mother's Day!

I actually Made a different format of this card for a 21st Birthday That I will share with you all in a few days. But in the meantime have a a wonderful day!!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Cut it up!

Whew! have been cutting it up! I am not to sure exactly why, but a lot of cards lately I have been stamping, cutting out and adding dimension.

So what do you think? My DH says I am crazy, but what does he know anyways right? Right.

Ok, so I started on basic black, immidiately followed by stamper's select white. Next I layered textured pretty in pink and certainly celery and pierced all around the outside. For now I set these pieces aside.

Now for the fun part (I am not being sarcastic, I really do enjoy it) I stamped the watering can from the Papertrey Ink Green Thumb set in basic black. Then I stamped various flowers from the set in pretty in pink and blush blossom. Note: There are 3 flowers in this set that are the same and I used all three sizes. I found that it was easy to start with the biggest flower, stamp 2 of them relatively close together in the center and then build around them. I did not worry to much about overlapping them and such as it gets filled in later.

After all the flowers are stamped I started on the leaves and squiggly stems. The only thing I made sure to do here is to make sure the stems and leaves looked like they were coming naturally from the flowers. After that was done I stamped a few of the flowers on a seperate piece of cardstock. Then I used my craft knife to cut out the watering can image and flowers all around the edges. Then cut out all the little flowers and added them to the image with dimensionals.

Then I put it all together: The watering can on the green layer with dimensionals, added the the pink sheer ribbon, green layer on black & white layer with dimensionals. To finish it off I layered 2 ovals in pink and green with the sentiment on top. I used this particular sentiment for the local flower shop I make cards for, it turns out the slogan they use is the same, almost...check it out on their website. So when they asked for 15 any occasion cards in addition to their Mother's Day order I decided to suprize them with it. It turned out to be such a big hit that I now have a contract with them to make mini cards for them using the slogan (ummm 400 of

Well I hope you have enjoyed today's post. Tonight My Father in Law is returning to Canada so we are having him and MIL over for a BBQ, which I am looking forward to. Ok so I have a confession to make: I ordered the February PTI releases at the Party that month and thought I would have it shipped to my FIL in New Mexico and have him bring it up (he was coming about 9 days after) so I figured we had time.

Long Story short...I had an error in the address and by the time that got corrected and it arrived in NM he had left 2 days before. SO one of his employees shipped it Fedex...didn't work, they would not do it with out all the customs info..blah blah...then he sent it via USPS and they returned it without an explanation...ok. So here we are close to 3 months down the road (not kidding) and I still do not have it.....alas my dear FIL is bringing it with him.....YIPPEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! SO I will give him a hug AFTER I hug my long awaited package from PTI.... :) ahhhh 2 new ink colors, 2 new paper colors, 6x6 & 12x12 pattern paper, 6 stamp sets and 10 roll of ribbon....Bliss!

Ok so maybe that was not a long story short but rest assured I will have another post soon and hopefully it will be with my new stuff. Speaking of new stuff, don't forget to check out Nichole's Blog for the countdown to May'gonna be a great release!!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Char's Ribbon Card

I am still so in love with Charlene's Ribbon weave card, I decided to try it on a mini card. These cards are approximately 3.25 x 4.75. The reason I made them this size is because I found a supplier that has 3.5 x 5 envelopes, wrappers that fit AND card boxes as well. This small size opens a door os possiblities for so many things...think shower invitations or thank you card sets.

Anywy, these cards are made with Papertrey Inks saddle stitched ribbons in four of their exclusive colors. Aqua Mist, Spring Moss, Lemon Tart & Summer Sunrise. I think these colors all look great together. Accented with some Prima flowers, buttons and a couple of wonderful sentiments.

With a ribbon weave as your focal point, you really do not need much on your card. Did I mention that Charlene is doing a ribbon weave card with Papertrey's new colors every month? Be sure to check out Char's Blog. And also here are the links to the cards so far. Ribbon Card - February, Ribbon Card - March, Ribbon Card - April.

Have a great day ~ Jewels

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Green Thumb...Again

I can hardly imagine my stamping life without this set. Green Thumb from Papertrey Ink is one of my most used set hands down. Over and over I find myself reaching for it and everytime I do, I am SO glad I bought it. So, what is your favorite Papertrey Ink Set?
For this card, I started on Stamper's Select (SS) from PTI, then added the pretty in pink prints from SU's current hostess pack. Then I used my Marvy Giga Scalloped Circle and punched SS C/S.
Next I used two of the circles from B&C Circles set (PTI) to create some false matting. After I did that, I stamped the flower pot in Palette's Burnt Umber (note to self: the whole pad and not just the cube. What a pain in the a** that Then I stamped various flowers & leaves in pretty in pink, bluh blossom, regal rose & mellow moss. I then used my craft knife to cut down the sides of the flower pot. I wrapped the ribbon from the back of the card and in each side of the flower pot. Before tieing the bow, I added dimensional stickers and placed the circle where I wanted it. Then I tied the bow and added the sentiment from "Garden of Life" (PTI).
Then I did a circle and some flowers surrounding the Mother's Day sentiment on the inside. Makes for a cute little card for Mommy! Thanks for stoping by and I will see you again tomorrow! ~Jewels

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Oh, Pretty Paper

ok, so I did not need aymore pattern paper...BUT I had to! I was strolling along the aisles in Michael's last week end and "happened upon" this stack of DCWV Paper. It mysteriously ended up in my hand's and I could not put it down. On second thought I don't think I tried, but who are we kidding, it is beautiful!! It is called the Luxury Stack and is full of great metallic and pearlized papers. I don't know if it is new or just that our Michael's finally got it in, either way I like it!!!

This card is made on rose red and has two of the pretty papers on it. The one thing I LOVE about the paper is that it has all the same patterns in several colors. (Some of the pages would be PERFECT for wedding scrapbook pages, and if I ever get caught up on other things, I may try it out) Anyway, a pretty simple card...beautiful papers, great ribbon, prima flowers, rhinestones and some liquid Pearls.

The sentiment is my current favorite from Papertrey Ink's Pond Life. Can you believe I only have two Mother's Day Stamps? AH! Note to self, get more before next year.

Have a great day!! ~Jewels

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Hot Pink

This card was a blast to make, I think it may even be my new favorite L/O.
This card is on a 5.5 x 5.5 basic black base followed by this pink textured paper, black, white...well you get the idea.
For the pink layer I cut my paper 5 x 10, scored it down the center and then chopped off the diagonal from left to right.
Next, I wrapped both layers of ribbon around the outside of the card. After stamping the "Stem Sillouettes" in black & purely pomegranite I stamped the snowflake from "So Many Scallops" and covered it with the Thanks so much from an old hostess set, Riveting.
Then I stamped "Mother" from PTI's "Mixed Messages" and added the sparkle brads from Making Memories. Then I simply lined the inside with black & white and tied a pretty bow tot he side. I would love to see this card done in black and Bashful Blue as well, that would look sweet!
Anyway, have a great day and see you again soon ~ Jewels

Monday, May 5, 2008

So, This is what I was doing!

I have been busy, busy, busy! I have a wedding invitation order, had some website sales including one of 44 cards, then I had to check in with the local flower shop on Saturday and...."We would like 50 Mother's Day cards...can you get them here by Monday?" Um..ok! I also had a few other little sales here and there......So I stamped ALL weekend, and I loved it.
This is one of the cards I made this evening. I am completely in love with the fact that I can now make bigger cards since I found a supplier for bigger sized card wrappers & envelopes. This card is a 6x6, complete with a ivory linen envelope and wrapper. I used a Stampin up kit for this one. I have had it sitting around forever so I am finally getting some use of it (while also learning to use up stuff I have...Man it's good to actually get rid of some of it and in a super pretty way)
I cut the Soft Sky textured cardstock 6x12 and scored it down the center. Then I used a peice of the river rock texture c/s and fixed it to the left hand side. Next I cut a peice of the pink DSP from the kit and used the spiral punch up the side.

After that, I used some of the c/s sticker borders to add some fun color and pattern. Then I used a reverse peice from the pink, which is the brown, river rock & soft sky pattern, and placed it accross the top after I tied some spring moss & aqua mist twill from Papertrey Ink.
Next, I layered the prima paper flowers and added a button from Basic Grey.
Then I finished off the card with the squares layered with another strip of c/s sticker and stamped the sentiment from "Pond Life" & the thing-a-ma-jig (yeah, I don't know what it from the B&C Circles set, Both from Papertrey Ink. Last, but not least, I added a pearl between the "thing-ama-jigs" and also three along the top corner of the card.
With all the stamping have been doing I should have a few posts for the next little while. Although I am not caught up yet with my orders, I will try and have a bunch of new things to show you leading up to the May Papertrey Ink Release, so check back often. Hope everyone had a fantastic week-end.