Saturday, May 10, 2008

Cut it up!

Whew! have been cutting it up! I am not to sure exactly why, but a lot of cards lately I have been stamping, cutting out and adding dimension.

So what do you think? My DH says I am crazy, but what does he know anyways right? Right.

Ok, so I started on basic black, immidiately followed by stamper's select white. Next I layered textured pretty in pink and certainly celery and pierced all around the outside. For now I set these pieces aside.

Now for the fun part (I am not being sarcastic, I really do enjoy it) I stamped the watering can from the Papertrey Ink Green Thumb set in basic black. Then I stamped various flowers from the set in pretty in pink and blush blossom. Note: There are 3 flowers in this set that are the same and I used all three sizes. I found that it was easy to start with the biggest flower, stamp 2 of them relatively close together in the center and then build around them. I did not worry to much about overlapping them and such as it gets filled in later.

After all the flowers are stamped I started on the leaves and squiggly stems. The only thing I made sure to do here is to make sure the stems and leaves looked like they were coming naturally from the flowers. After that was done I stamped a few of the flowers on a seperate piece of cardstock. Then I used my craft knife to cut out the watering can image and flowers all around the edges. Then cut out all the little flowers and added them to the image with dimensionals.

Then I put it all together: The watering can on the green layer with dimensionals, added the the pink sheer ribbon, green layer on black & white layer with dimensionals. To finish it off I layered 2 ovals in pink and green with the sentiment on top. I used this particular sentiment for the local flower shop I make cards for, it turns out the slogan they use is the same, almost...check it out on their website. So when they asked for 15 any occasion cards in addition to their Mother's Day order I decided to suprize them with it. It turned out to be such a big hit that I now have a contract with them to make mini cards for them using the slogan (ummm 400 of

Well I hope you have enjoyed today's post. Tonight My Father in Law is returning to Canada so we are having him and MIL over for a BBQ, which I am looking forward to. Ok so I have a confession to make: I ordered the February PTI releases at the Party that month and thought I would have it shipped to my FIL in New Mexico and have him bring it up (he was coming about 9 days after) so I figured we had time.

Long Story short...I had an error in the address and by the time that got corrected and it arrived in NM he had left 2 days before. SO one of his employees shipped it Fedex...didn't work, they would not do it with out all the customs info..blah blah...then he sent it via USPS and they returned it without an explanation...ok. So here we are close to 3 months down the road (not kidding) and I still do not have it.....alas my dear FIL is bringing it with him.....YIPPEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! SO I will give him a hug AFTER I hug my long awaited package from PTI.... :) ahhhh 2 new ink colors, 2 new paper colors, 6x6 & 12x12 pattern paper, 6 stamp sets and 10 roll of ribbon....Bliss!

Ok so maybe that was not a long story short but rest assured I will have another post soon and hopefully it will be with my new stuff. Speaking of new stuff, don't forget to check out Nichole's Blog for the countdown to May'gonna be a great release!!

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