Friday, February 29, 2008

Everyone having babies

It seems that there are people I know having babies one after another and with that, they are ALL HAVING BOYS. What is up with that? I only laugh because I have 2 girls and in our family it was great because we have been over populated with boys. Anyway, with the recent trend of having boys I have done a "bazillion" boy cards and here is one I would love to share with you.

I made this card on a very vanilla base followed by pattern paper from Daisy Bucket mounted on bashful blue. Before I continue I just have to say, I LOVE the Daisy Bucket Papers, all of them, even the orange ones! (OMG did I really just admit that? LOL) i absolutely love the lightweight of the paper, great detail designs and of course the texture. I also enjoy the 4 in 1 designs for each set, a 12 x 12 paper with one pattern on one side and 4 6 inch square patterns on the reverse. Its like having a sampler in one sheet of paper, a great way to have variety yet still cost effective.

So, next I took a peice of bashful blue, cut out a scallop and clear embossed the hand print from SU's Im Here set (retired) Then I inked it all the way around with close to cocoa. Now the reason I did that is because I knew I wanted a blue embossed hand, but dont have blue powder. i think it worked out. I continued by do the same thing with the sentiment from Papertrey Ink Little Lady Set.

Edited to add: There is no secret about my love affair with the Stamps from Papertrey Ink, However today or yesterday rather, there has ben a little snag. I'm afraid my purchases may come to a hault. There was an announcement on their forum today that the option for First class international mail has been removed leaving only USPS Priority mail. I am going to be very upfront by saying....I am SO not happy about this. As I was ready to give up the SU demo thing (hobby Demo really) I think I will be re-evaluating as my issue with them was also shipping but now it will be cheaper. The key here is that we Canadians (and other countries as well) have to pay customs duty on top of the shipping as well. Su.....10% shipping cost, no duty. PTI High shipping + duty=no longer in my budget as a stay at home mom with no income. Very Sad. One last note, what really saddens me is the fact that US customers get free shipping on any order over $40.oo and now all International customers get well more dollars out of our pockets. Other companies are even starting to include Canada in this promo. **sigh** I am glad I have the sets I have as they really are at top of the market, but I do not see many orders in the future :( Sorry about my babble, but hey, a girls gotta put it somewhere.

Now I say "bring on the week end". Can you believe that I have not been in my room to stamp in four days???? **insert shocked face** Thanks for reading today! Happy

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Just stopping by to let all my readers know I may go M-I-A a little bit. We have recieved some shocking health news with in the lines of our family. Nothing I can really share with you but wanted to let you know why I may be invisible at times. Therefore my posts may not be as frequent as usual. Try to have a happy day and remember, you NEED to hug the ones you love today!


Monday, February 25, 2008

Easter Challenged

I have been trying for days to make some Easter cards that I actually liked without much sucess. Until last night that is. I finally made a couple that I am ok with. I guess Easter cards are just not my thing this year.

So my first card is made on PTI cardstock which I stamped a background of leaves from the Beautiful Blooms set in blush blossom. The matted layer is a pattern paper from the Costco paper pack, I think. I thought it coordinated nicely. Then I stamped the big flower on paper and cut it out in order to mask with it. I placed the cut out on the paper and stamped the leaves over top. I was a little off on my placement, but overall I am still happy with it. I finished off the card by adding some guava double stitched ribbon and doing a few punched layers for the sentiment. This sentiment can be found in the PTI Mixed Messages set.

This card is fairly simple. For my card base I used a pink texture cardstock from bazzill. I also used the same kind of aper for the mattes. I got the assembled egg die cuts from a friend on ebay, Candy at Paper Candy Productions...check her store out she has fantastic stuff! Are those eggs not the cutest little things??? Anyway, I attached them to the bling bazzill with dimensionals and then wrapped the ribbon around. The sentiment is stamped in Pretty in Pink from the set Limitless Labels, again from Papertrey Ink.

Well I think that is all for today, I have made several others but I think I shall post some more another day. Have a great day everyone!


Sunday, February 24, 2008

Ahoy, It's a Boy!

Clever little line, isn't it? I can't take credit, it was Sarah's Idea. These are the cards that she picked for me to do for her Sister in law's baby shower coming up in 3 weeks. She s doing a Sailor theme in the baby's room so naturally the invitations and all the goodies will be Sailor theme. Also just a note, I "cased" these cards and just changed it up, added a few extras here and there. The original card was found on SCS.

The things that I added to it really helped change up the card. I added the hemp along the bottom to represent rope of course. I also added the "Ahoy, it's a boy". The original card also used the Nursery Necessities set (which I don't have....yet) so I used "Life's a Breeze" Also in the original was a big moon, and I liked the little moon better. The little moon I used is from the "Out on a Limb" PTI set.

My Favorite part about the changes on this card, is the info sheet that pulls up from behind, with the cute little "handle" Both of which were also my friend Sarah's Idea (I tell you , she is a closet cardmaker...must be) So clever. Thanks Sarah. I hope you like 'em!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Congrats, By Request

My Sister in Law sent me a text message this morning (reeeeeeeeally Early and I am NOT a morning person) and she was in need of a Congrats on your new home type of card. Could I have one for her by 4:30 pm? pfft! What kind of question is that? LOL Of course I can. So, this is what I did... Enjoy!

I started off by using The Stamper's Select white Cardstock from Papertrey Ink, of course. Then used SU Black & the New patterns from the SU DSP Afternoon tes (available March 1st). I embossed the dsp and then rounded the top right & bottom left corners on all 3 layers.

Next, I used the lovely flowers from Beautiful Blooms (PTI) and stamped the linear stamp in basic black and the solid image in soft sky. The leaves are done in Mellow Moss and I drew the vines by hand using my blender pens as I have not yet invested in markers. I matted the rectangle on the scallops. The Scallops are actually from my square nesties. I cut out one large enough the fit from top to bottom and then cut off the 2 scallops at each end and made my own So there!

I finished up the card by double stamping the word Congratulations from the hugs and wishes set (SU) I stamped it first with soft sky and then used my stamp a mi jig to stamp the black just slightly off the blue. Neat shadow effect! Last but not least a bit of ribbon and a wonderful card with hours to spare!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Stamper's Choice

I am so very honored that I have been chosen for Stamper's Choice over on Nichole's (Papertrey Ink) Blog!! I submitted an entry in the monthly contest and my Family Tree Heirloom was selected for voting of the Stamper's Choice. A close race has resulted in Nichole be very kind hearted and award both of us!! Thank you so much Nichole and thank you to all that voted. If you would like to see my entry and the details about it click HERE.

Thanks again!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

8 Months

Sorry, no pictures today. I am having a day of memories and reflection. Today is exactly 8 months since my Dad passed away and it is also Wednesday. Wednesday was one of my Dad's regular days off and I always make a point of visiting the cemetary on wednesdays or sundays. So today I will go and lay down my rose.

It really makes me sit here and truly be thankful for the things I have or had. I had probably one of the closest relationships a Daughter can have with her Dad. I may have only had 27 years, but they were all good ones. I am selfish in a way that I wanted more. I wanted more for my daughters. I see McKenzie looking at the photos of my Dad that are now scattered troughout our house and her stare is almost blank. It doesn't really mean to much to her as she will probably not remember him at all. She was only 10 months old when he passed. My other daughter however, will remember him forever and even 8 months later still talks about him everyday. Which is hard.

With those thoughts I can also say this: If you do not cherish those around you through all the good times and bad, perhaps you need review your life and the things you should probably change. If the most important people are suddenly gone from your life can you sit back and say "yes, that person was proud of the person I am"? Luckily with my Dad I can say that! I don't wish the pain of a loss upon anyone, because it sucks. I guess you can't really ever imagne until you experience it. I had to experience it much sooner then I ever wanted, I mean really I still have all my Grand Parents and yet had to say good bye to my Dad. I also was the one who had to phone his parents to tell them. A phone call I will never forget! I am also helping a friend right now whose Dad is not doing very well and if you are reading my dear...Be Strong and remember you can count on all your friends, including me, hugs and kissess!!

Treat people Kind, be true to yourself and who you really are. Take pride in your actions and when something like this happens to you, you can take comfort in knowing they would have been proud! To my Dad, I will alwyas Love him, He will lways be my Best friend and I will miss him always.

Thanks for reading today and I hope to be back later this week with something a little more fun to talk about. SO have a great day!!


Monday, February 18, 2008

It's a Jungle.... my Diningroom!! Well, ok only for an afternoon. It was a SUPER day. I will admit though, Sarah and I were very busy ladies but it was all so worth it. The following are all the pictures of the Baby Shower done in a jungle theme for my Bestest friend ever, Melissa. We have been friends for over 25 years (and we are only 28) was overjoyed to hear she was pregnant and having a baby and could not wait to throw the best baby shower ever! My friend Sarah, A very accomplished and talented baker, also jumped on board to help. Thanks Sarah. Enjoy the pictures!!

^^This picture is of the table decoration before we added all the food. I gathered up all my bamboo plants to create a "jungle" on the table and added a little Charactor by covering up the different vases with a fuzzy tiger print fabric. Then I made some animals that matched the shower invitations I made in a previous post. I also used an exclusive Monkey Die from Quickutz that I recieved as a gift from my friend Candy that I met in Hamilton last November. They can be seen swinging in the trees! Thanks Candy!!

And here is all the food!! (of which i still have a bunch in my fridge...LOL) Of course we have a divine cake made by Sarah, which I will talk about with the next picture, but we also have: A spinach dip made in a french Bread loaf (kinda looked like a log) Then Sarah also made some heavenly Cheesecake bars, and my word!! They are delicious. We also had, cupcakes, meat & Cheese, fruit in fruit rinds as containers, fresh coconut (thanks to Curtis, a sledgehammer and a chisel we got it open) I used half the coconut Shell for a great fruit dip that sarah made, which tasted great with the fresh fruit and the Animal clever!! Oh and I also made a Sangria Punch...mmmmmmmmm. Would be great as a martini with Vodka, right Marlyn?? the Cake!! Another fine peice of work. High Five Sarah, it turned out great!! Can you believe the work on that thing? It is all stars on the cake and everyone LOVED it! still can not fathom the work that goes in to such a cake. Wow!!

This last picture I am sharing with you is of the Candy dish I made to also match the invitations that were made for this event. 16 invitations later I didnt think I would want to use the set again, but it was actually quite fun to make. Inside the candy dish are some yummy hersheys nuggets stamped with Limitless labels stamp set from Papertrey Ink. Love that set!

So thats it, until the next time. Sarah and I have another baby shower to get ready for in about 3 weeks? Hmm Have to check the date again, but this next one is going to be a sailor, beachy theme for her Brother's wife Amiee and I will for sure share the pics with you as well.

So for those of you readers from Alberta, I hope you are having a terrific family day. Although my hubby had to work today we are still planning a nice relaxing family dinner tonight. Some quality time with those people in our lives that matter the most, what can be better then that?

Friday, February 15, 2008

Family Tree Heirloom: Papertrey Ink Honorable Mention

My Family Tree

This tree is very special to me, and for many reasons. First of all, my family is one of the closest families I know of. We come from a Mother & Father that were very kind and loving all through the years. They set a wonderful example for us by their relationship with each other. This past October 26, 2007, they would have been married for 34 years! Teaching my three brothers & I the importance of love in relationships and to always cherish those you love. My Daddy passed away this past June the day after his birthday which was the hardest thing we as a family have had to go through. We have come striding through the glum & misery and pulled together as a family of 16 once again! (16 from mom, kids, spouses & children)

This tree is also going to bring more joy as I now have to embark on replicating 6 times for members of the family and also for my Dad's Parents (who have been married for 62 years).

I recently recieved an email from Nichole Heady, owner of Papertrey Ink, to let me know that this project I submitted in her monthly contest has recieved an Honorable mention this month. I am so excited and even more honored!! Thank you Nichole and all the gang at PTI. FEEL FREE TO VOTE THIS PROJECT STAMPER'S CHOICE >>>HERE<<<

What did I do? I stated by creating the tree base cutting from hand by just "eyeballing" it. Once hat was done I took my branch from the "Out on a Limb"set and applied it to my acrylic block but gave it a curve while doing so. Thats the great thing about these stamps you can change them up a bit. Once I had my branch on, (sounds like something funky..."get your branch on" LOL) I stamped the foundation branches going from the center, up and out. Then I removed the stamp and twisted it the other way and repeated on the other side.

Next, I took the leaves formation stamp and stamped in 4 different shades of green (one color at a time) and also gave them a twist to match up with my branches. ThenI need to fill in the gaps so I took the individual leaf (cluster of 3) and started filling in, also with the 4 different colors. Now seriously folks, I stopped counting after I had stamped that little sucker 200 times. :)

After I was satisfied with the volume of my tree image, I punched out all the ovals and stamped the names of the core family members (Mom, Dad, Brothers and I) using SU simple serif mini alphabet. Then I added by handwriting (which in the future may become computer printed??) the pouses and there anniversary dates. My brothers are notorious for remembering dates (they are guys after all) so I figure when the get their copies it will be great reference. Then I completed the family members by adding our children and there birthdays (and Elizabeth's RIP Date) by using my blender pen to write as the alphabet was too big.

Last I added the sentiment "To the word you may be just one person, but to one person you may be the world" This sentiment is SO perfect and SO well suited for our family!! I WILL be having this framed and proudly displayed beneath my Daddy's Photo where every one can see him still watching over his "world".

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I'm "Verve"ing again

Oh well I liked that sketch so much (and I like so I decided to make another card before the deadline. For this card I set out with 2 goals. 1) to make another Verve contest card 2) to mkae a spinner card using Charmaine's Blog called Tilt Card Tutorial. Thanks Charmaine, Great tutorial. I think I successfully accomplished both.

I started with the spinner or "tilt" portion of my card because after all, it is the main focus of the card. I stamped a flower from PTI's Beautiful Blooms Set and went on to water color the petals and cut it out. Next, I stamped, cut out and wrinkled the leaves. If you look at the close up version of the card you can see that the wrinkled leaves really makes them look more realistic!!

Then I followed Charmaine's tutorial on how to make the spinner. After adding the "Hi" sentiment in each corner I took a coordinated stamp from the same set and stamped additional brown flowers on the pattern paper....Don't they match perfectly!!!

I also stamped the flowers in 2 colors and used it as the diamond portion of the card. I added the middle band of paper which happens to be the other side of the flower paper from Daisy Bucket Designs (which I LOVE!!) last but not least, I added the ribbon to the upper left corner as per the sketch and left little tabs with the ribbon just for a little extra pizzazz!!

Thanks Julee!! For a great sketch, offering the contest and also for your lovely comments on my other posts! Have a Great day!


Grrrr Baby!!!

LOL, Sorry I couldn't resist!! Are these adorable or what? I have been planning a jungle baby shower and this is going to be one of the game prizes. Now let's just hope none of the attendees are peeking in here. Anyway, I was strugling to do something "jungle theme" as we have decided that all the gifts had to be themed. So, I had seen a tutorial on a blog somewhere (sorry can't remember where...if you are reading this and it was yours email me and I will correct it. I swear I have the memory of a goldfish!!!) and in the tutorial they had taped off the paper and used ink to make the stripe pattern.

I did all the black stripes onto the white PTI Cardstock first (love that cardstock) and once I was done that I used my aqua-writer to colors in the orange for the tiger cards very carefully.

Then using Papertrey Ink stamps (B&C Mono. Ed. & Faux Ribbon?) I stamped them onto white, punched them out and added them to layers of more punches (all punches from SU) Then I added the scalloped ribbon and attached the sentiments.

These cards are all 3x5 with envelopes sized a tiny bit larger and fit perfectly nto some clear card boxes I found semi-wholesale online. Great prices on satin finish envelopes of all sizes and card boxes too.... Yahoo! Well I have another post I want to write so stay tuned. I also think in a few days I might show you all the step by step photos that I took while making these cards!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Papertrey & Stampin' Up!

Oh My! I am in love with the "Faux Ribbon" set from Papertrey Ink. Nichole's Designs are amazing! The other night I knew I wanted to make some sympathy cards and so I grabbed the sentiment from the "Mixed Messages" set (also PTI) and then I grabbed the branch from Stampin' Up! Embrace Life set and stamped it in Blue Bayou and water colored it in. Next i couldn't decide what to do, so this is where the Faux Ribbon came in. I was flippin' through my cd cases and saw that set. I have had it for some time now and have not really inked it up much because, well I don't know why. Quite possibly because I have too many stamps...JUST KIDDING!! There is no such thing.

Anyway I first stamped the thick solid linear line in soft sky at the top & bottom and then I used the super skinny line and stamped in the middle of the soft sky, using Blue Bayou. I already knew that I wanted to stamped the sentiment over to the side so I added the holes and ribbon. Then I attached a strip of Blue Bayou Prints DSP (SU) and then scalloped my edges and attached using dimensionals! I was very pleased with the result. i hope you have enjoyed peeking in today!

Supplies: Cardstock, Mixed messages Stamp set, Faux Ribbon Stamp Set all from PTI, Blue Bayou DSP, soft sky, blue bayou ink & embrace life stamp set from Stampin' Up! Ribbon from sheer creations.

Going to make some more cards I think, Stay tuned I may be back later to share my Maya road tins that just arrived!!


Sunday, February 10, 2008

Verve Visual Contest Entry

I saw this on the VV Blog and really liked the sketch, so I thought I would give it a shot. Although I don't have any Verve Visual stamps I think after peeking into the store may have to feed a new addiction!! LOL. So that is the sketch over to the right. How cool is that? And yet simple too! I guess it is all about what you do with it right? Now, I don't know how much you are supposed to "embellish" the sketch but here is my version of the sketch.

I used Taken with Teal cardstock and made a top fold. Then I used the leaves stamp and stamped it with versamark and embossed it with white e.p. Once I was done that I picked my patterned paper and matted it on white. I pierced the paper on both top and bottom and then added it to the card. I then did the same with the square and added the ribbon at the bottom. Next I placed the prima paper flowers and brads and attached it to my card with dimensionals so it would "pop"out. I then wanted to do something completely different for the upper left hand corner. I finally decided that I wanted to take away rather then add. So I used a word window punch to punch away and then added the brads in a row to the inside cardstock and attached it inside.

I am pleased with the overall outcome of this card and had a lot of fun making it. IMO (in my opinion) I really stepped outside the box with this card as I dont typically choose colors like these. I think it has a "Tropical" appeal and with the cold weather we are having here in Western Canada it reminds me of somewhere I would rather Hawaii. So that being said I am going to give this card (or one like it) to my Mom as she is leaving on her first "real" vacation in a long time. She was invited by a longtime friend to hang out in a condo in Hawaii for a week. Have fun Mom!!! And thank you all for looking at my entry.

Have a Great Day!!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Papertrey Ink Card with Volume!

The other day I had a special request, something pink, brown & flowery. Ok? hello...easy!! So I have been admiring a certain blogger and SCS member. Her cards are SO extravagant and filled with Love, time, effort and AMAZING overall "wow factor" You can check out her blog HERE. Amazing, truly.

So this is my version of that style, dialed down a lot. I mean I have patience and what not, but wow! I gasp every time I see one of here creations and can't imagine making cards like that. This card is as much Papertrey Ink Produt as I could have. I am so head over heels for them. BTW if you have not been checking out her blog for the daily updates & contests regarding there Anniversary Release February 14, 2008 midnight EST? Go now and check it out....Capture The Moment....ok wait until you finish reading and then go!

Using PTI Cardstock (the best...hello?) and I gave it a top fold. Then I plucked out my colors. I used SU Mellow moss & the pattern paper from SU Berry Bliss DSP. After giving them ticket corners and a little inking around the edges I wrapped sme Regal Rose 5/8 grosgrain ribbon in a knot. Then I stamped the sentiment in brown & Regal, attached with dimensionals.

Next I took out another sheet of PTI c/s and stamped the flowers and leaves from the Papertrey Ink Beautiful Blooms set. Then, then! my friends, I cut it all out, by hand, with a craft knife. Ok so a little drama, but really it wasn't as hard as I thought.I find lately it is way easier to use the craft knife then to try and swivel around a pair of scissors. After they were all cut out, I attached the leaves with some mini glue dots (SU!) then I "curled" the flower petals to add some volume to them, rather them have them laying flat. Then I used varying layers of dimensionals to attach all the flowers. Some of the big flowers have double deckers. Topped off rhinestone centers and that was a card almost 1.5 hours in the making! (well it was more like 3 having been interrupted by husband and children :)

And now a Stampin'Up Card...mostly!

So I have had this set sitting around forever and just didn't use it. I mean I made a few cards but nothing I remembered to After whipping out the set again the other night to make baby shower invitations, my love for this set was rejuvenated!! his is the next step, and by no means the last, of my love for its many uses.

I started by taking my green pattern paper (which I have had so long that I have no idea where it came from...perhaps a stack?) anyway I punched the 1-3/8 in the upper left hand corner. After attaching it to my cardstock, I used my 1-1/4 punch to punch through the cardstock and have to line up perfectly. Let me tell you how many different ways I tried to make a window, they are definitely not my favorite style card to make. I then added my white cardstock to the inside and stamped my gator so just his head would be peeking out. To finish off that area of the card I used some of Stampin' Up!'s NEW striped blue grosgrain ribbon to tie a simple knot. Let me tell you my up-line, Heather, gave me some samples of ribbon to try out including this and it is already added to my next order. Thanks Heather! Back to the card, I used the scallop circle punch put my sentiment over top, added the eyelets and some faux stitching (my new fav!) and that's that folks.

Anxiously waiting & exciting PTI News

Well I don't have much today as I have a ton of things to do, including helping my mom get ready to go to Hawaii! I wish I was going...LOL anywho, My thoughts today are this. When you order a stamp set from a company online on January 19th and as of February 7th they have still not shipped it, How mad would you be? I recieved an email from them saying (and this is just a snippet of the email) "It just takes me longer to ship all Canadian orders since it is a special trip to the post office as well as all the paperwork that I have to fill out for each one" Ok. However almost one month since the order was placed and yet lots of other companies, big or small, manage to have way better customer service. Note to Self: that when I finally, if ever, recieve my order from EP I will not be shopping there again.

Next! BIG NEWS!!! DID YOU READ NICHOLE'S BLOG TODAY???? OMG PTI is coming out with there own custom cardstock, ribbon & ink!! How exciting is that!?! I Just recieved a package of her white cardstock and it is by far the BEST on the market. SO no more flimsy cheap cardstock that doesn't hold very good. Her cardstock is so good in fact you hae to score it to fold it. Now that is GREAT paper and I can not wait to order some in her custom colors. (not to mention the matching ink and ribbon...and we all know I definitely NEED more ribbon >>insert rolling eyeballs here<<<) Anywho, those are the thoughts I leave you with today and don't forgot to go check out Nichole's Blog!

Have a great day!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Wild about you Baby Shower

Well I have not been in to post in a few days. Sorry to all my faithful readers. I ahve been a busy busy girl. I had my mystery hostess party on Saturday and finally got the order placed and put in monday evening. So thank you girls for coming! It was great to see old friends (not that you are and it was also great to see some new faces! Anywho, that was fun! After that I have been working on some orders and searching for wholesale suppliers of various things and have had some great steps forward with that. Ok so that is the boring stuff.

I have also been doing some Baby shower plans and HAD to get the invitations done. So here is a picture of it. Of course my brain is going a mile a minute these days and that caused me to forget to take a picture of it before I wrote the info on I had to blank them out. So I can't give out to many details because my dear Melissa checks out my blog (waving to you mommy to be) So this is only a glimpse of the party. I can tell you this: the WHOLE party is jungle themed to match the decor of baby Xanen's room! Too Much fun. Well I may be back to post again later but thats all for now, because I have another order to work on. Have a GREAT day!!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Birthday Card using Sale-a-bration

This wonderful set is called Birthday Whimsy and is only available for FREE with the minimum purchase of SU products.

I used perfect plum, pale plum and close to cocoa cardstock & ink. Stamped the balloons and cut them out. After I stuck them on I used my white gel roller from SU (love this pen) and made dashed lines to represent the strings. I then used my craft knife to make slits on either side and threaded Chocolate Chip Taffeta Ribbon through. After just putting it in a knot I added the "Happy Birthday" sentiment from the set and also added "...and many more" to the inside also from this wonderful 5 piece set.

For my Mystery Party Guest (picture me waving at you right now) we will be making this card!!! So we will see you all tomorrow night. Gonna be a full house so be prepared for a super fun evening.

I have also made a couple other cards, one is "cased" and I cant remember where I saw it, so if I find it again will post it so I can give proper credit for the card and the idea. Talk to you all later and my soon to be clubber's, see you tomorrow!!


It's Sale-A-Bration Time!!!

Ok so I am not going to bore you with useless conversation and just head straight into the good stuff! Here are all the details on the Sale-a-Bration (if you dont know what it is the BEST promotion Stampin up does) Keep in mind all hte stamp sets and Rub ons in this mini brochure will NEVER be available for purchase in the SU Catalogue. All information here is refecting Canada SU pricing!
Sale-A-Bration February 1-March 17, 2008
Our Sale-A-Bration promotion gives everyone a reason to celebrate!
Please note: Customer and hostess levels have been reduced to reflect recent price adjustments; the Sale-A-Bration brochure has the old amounts.
Customers and hostesses will earn free Sale-A-Bration products based on the following:
Promotion Details:
Customers: For every $70 purchase you make, customers will receive a free Sale-A-Bration product.
Hostesses: In addition to our regular hostess benefits, hostesses will receive a free Sale-A-Bration stamp set for workshops that reach $400 or more.
Recruits: Anyone who joins as a demonstrator during Sale-A-Bration can choose any stamp set--a value of up to $60.95--from the current catalogue.
If you are in my local area I can place your order for you. If you are anywhere in CAnada I can still place your order for you and have it shipped directly to your door step!!! Email me at for more info.
I will be back in a bit with some projects made from our sale-a-bration sets!!