Friday, February 29, 2008

Everyone having babies

It seems that there are people I know having babies one after another and with that, they are ALL HAVING BOYS. What is up with that? I only laugh because I have 2 girls and in our family it was great because we have been over populated with boys. Anyway, with the recent trend of having boys I have done a "bazillion" boy cards and here is one I would love to share with you.

I made this card on a very vanilla base followed by pattern paper from Daisy Bucket mounted on bashful blue. Before I continue I just have to say, I LOVE the Daisy Bucket Papers, all of them, even the orange ones! (OMG did I really just admit that? LOL) i absolutely love the lightweight of the paper, great detail designs and of course the texture. I also enjoy the 4 in 1 designs for each set, a 12 x 12 paper with one pattern on one side and 4 6 inch square patterns on the reverse. Its like having a sampler in one sheet of paper, a great way to have variety yet still cost effective.

So, next I took a peice of bashful blue, cut out a scallop and clear embossed the hand print from SU's Im Here set (retired) Then I inked it all the way around with close to cocoa. Now the reason I did that is because I knew I wanted a blue embossed hand, but dont have blue powder. i think it worked out. I continued by do the same thing with the sentiment from Papertrey Ink Little Lady Set.

Edited to add: There is no secret about my love affair with the Stamps from Papertrey Ink, However today or yesterday rather, there has ben a little snag. I'm afraid my purchases may come to a hault. There was an announcement on their forum today that the option for First class international mail has been removed leaving only USPS Priority mail. I am going to be very upfront by saying....I am SO not happy about this. As I was ready to give up the SU demo thing (hobby Demo really) I think I will be re-evaluating as my issue with them was also shipping but now it will be cheaper. The key here is that we Canadians (and other countries as well) have to pay customs duty on top of the shipping as well. Su.....10% shipping cost, no duty. PTI High shipping + duty=no longer in my budget as a stay at home mom with no income. Very Sad. One last note, what really saddens me is the fact that US customers get free shipping on any order over $40.oo and now all International customers get well more dollars out of our pockets. Other companies are even starting to include Canada in this promo. **sigh** I am glad I have the sets I have as they really are at top of the market, but I do not see many orders in the future :( Sorry about my babble, but hey, a girls gotta put it somewhere.

Now I say "bring on the week end". Can you believe that I have not been in my room to stamp in four days???? **insert shocked face** Thanks for reading today! Happy


  1. Maybe all the feedback will help change the policy. Good luck. The baby card is too cute.

  2. I agree... I had been waiting until the Out on a Limb stamp became available - now I see that two stamp sets (I was going to add Holiday Treats) cost $18.00 to ship - I guess my time with Paper Trey Ink is over... oh well - it was good while it lasted...

  3. Hi!
    Just discovered your blog from a post on Carmen's blog. I, too, was considering giving up SU! 'cause I was spending way too much elsewhere - mainly on PTI. I've let my feelings be known on their forum. It stinks!!
    I'm adding your blog to my google reader!! Thanks!
    Heather L.

  4. Yes it is very sad, as I was reading all the new posts on the subject today I thought that Char had worded it losing a best friend. Shameful.

  5. Beautiful card! If I received that card for my new baby boy, I would put it in the baby's scrap album! Adorable!