Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Wild about you Baby Shower

Well I have not been in to post in a few days. Sorry to all my faithful readers. I ahve been a busy busy girl. I had my mystery hostess party on Saturday and finally got the order placed and put in monday evening. So thank you girls for coming! It was great to see old friends (not that you are and it was also great to see some new faces! Anywho, that was fun! After that I have been working on some orders and searching for wholesale suppliers of various things and have had some great steps forward with that. Ok so that is the boring stuff.

I have also been doing some Baby shower plans and HAD to get the invitations done. So here is a picture of it. Of course my brain is going a mile a minute these days and that caused me to forget to take a picture of it before I wrote the info on I had to blank them out. So I can't give out to many details because my dear Melissa checks out my blog (waving to you mommy to be) So this is only a glimpse of the party. I can tell you this: the WHOLE party is jungle themed to match the decor of baby Xanen's room! Too Much fun. Well I may be back to post again later but thats all for now, because I have another order to work on. Have a GREAT day!!