Thursday, January 31, 2008

Checking In...

Just wanted to pop in and mention to all my readers that I will be MIA for a few days. I have had some unexpected family crisis' to deal with (2x Bi-polar family members) Anywho. My mom has just started back to work after losing my dad and being off in total almost 2 years. Well yesterday some "not so great" things happened while she was at work (not really going into details) I guess I am the family member listed under the "contact in case of emergency" section. So with that, my day yesterday & today have been relatively hijacked and will not be doing much of anything for next few days. All the while, I still have to plan & prepare my first Mystery Hostess Party. I shall try and get back as soon as I can however, because I have so GREAT new products to showcase for you!!!

Take Care

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

edited my last post

LOL Sometimes I hit the publish button a little too soon without looking back. Thanks to Charlene for pointing out my little mistake. I had mentioned about my little up and coming partner in card making and then forgot to upload the picture!! So its there now. Thanks Charlene

Monday, January 28, 2008

Those eyes!

...They kill me! I absolutely melt every time I see McKenzie's eyes. and I am totally in love with the pig tails! she looks to grown up though, oh my little baby!! Anywho, here are some great pics.

And here is a picture of my future card making partner. She let me stamp the Squirrel and then I cut it out and put it on the card. Then while she was stamping the hearts, she instructed me to add a bow to the squirrel so everyone would know that it was a girl!! lol She is too funny!

Look at her, she is SO proud of this card. She again has brought her new paper treasure to bed with her.

Alright that is all for now, early to bed for me tonight....maybe. LOL

Nighty Night!

Cards Galore

Ok I have been a bit busy. However it is the kind of busy that I live for. Explanation: I am a partner at an Artisans Web store that sells all Handmade cards. There are 8 of us and a possible 9 very soon. We all get to list are cards there and there is no charge. We list for the price we want and the owner, Amy, adds a small amount to cover off shipping etc and maybe ends up with a teeny tiny bit leftover. I think most of us there have other stores as well so we all have an agreement that our cards are not to be listed in both places at the same time. Now lately I have been lacking in my contributions of listings and needed some motivation to get back into it. Recently the owner appointed one of our members to Manager and has allowed her to implement some new activities to get us all fired up.

Let me tell you she's good! Her very first act as Manager was to start a challenge between al us members to create and submit as many Valentine's cards as we can. The winner would recieve a small box of Scrapping goodies. Well am up for a good challenge and possibly prize too. So instead of just pulling from the oodles of cards already have I have been creating new ones left right and center. It feels SO good. Normally I make one design and make it over again several times to add to inventory. This time I am just making one and moving along. I like this much better because I can get so much done in such a short time.

So here is a little preview of some of my favorites!! This first one was made using Chatterbox Valentine's Stripes paper. It is double sided and I LOVE it. Since I love both sides of it I used both. The little pocket that is on there is actually the other side. Also I tried a new technique that I saw on someone's blog (sorry I can't remember whose it was) and the tutorial was using the aqua painters to custom coordinate your ribbon with any project by dying it with your re-inkers. Cool, Eh? This ribbon was the 1/4 inch white SU Grosgrain ribbon and now it is groovy Guava, my new fav color btw.

Almost naked! this card almost has it's birthday suit on but yet it holds such elegance and style. I used kraft, applied Some Snips of Stampin Ups new rub on line (to die for) and again added some faux stitch holes and voila!! I generally dont like to use rubons but these go on with almost no effort at all and add a great new element to any card. I think I may go broke because they do have a great selection of them...These particular ones are Chocolate chip in color and are included in a package debuting in this years Sale-a-bration. The set has four matching sheets in white, black, old olive & Choc. Chip. each sheet is HUGE and will only ever be available through the sale-a-bration promo.

This last set is pretty cool. I made 2 complete sets like this for my friend Marlyn, to give to her daughters teachers this Valentines day. She loved them and I am certain the teachers will as well. I have been wanting to try the cris-cross card for a long time. No finer time then the present.

I used the new Berry Bliss Paper from SU along with the happy heart day stamp set. The "Happy Valentine's day" sentiment came in the sweet love set from Papertrey Ink. Then to make the Nugget tin I stamped my labels with the great set Limitless labels and wrapped them up. Such a great and easy gift idea. Both the set and nugget tin are from Papertrey Ink. Love them!!

Speaking of Papertrey, I got a new order from them today so I must go play. My DH has been giving me "days off" in the evenings and this past week end. Its great, he gets extra time with the girls and I get to lock myself up in my design room all weekend. I think I only came out for coffee nad pee breaks...LOL

I will be back with a post later, I need to show you some more pages I did last night and the ones I am going to do right now. :)
Edited:I removed a few pictures that were previously in here as they have been submitted for possible publication....cross your fingers!!


1 of 52 - McKayla

Well I am already behind on my self challenge of making one page layout per week, per daughter. No finer time then the middle of a blizzard to get caught up.

This is McKayla's first page. I realize that it technically is not finished without the photos but I didn't have a chance to get on my other computer to print them off. However I do have some really great photos of my Dad just "hanging" out with her, including a great picture of them taken about a month before he died.

I picked up this paper when I was in Hamilton last November and was waiting to use it until the "idea" just hit me....well here it is. The thoughts of what to do with it just flooded my mind as I was flipping through my papers. So a lot of inking and about 2 hours later...this is what I have.

Of course I started with the "Grandpa" paper and inked it around the edges with Mellow Moss. I knew I wanted to use my favorite technique by tearing the edges of the photo matte paper (soft subtles textured cardstock from SU) and then added the extra strip of distressed kraft paper. Distressed so much in fact it doesnt really look like kraft Then I added the eyelets in a not so even fashion and threaded hemp through and tied knots at each end to secure it.
Next I placed the three mattes onto the page and decided that with all the beautiful words, including the built in page title, that I wanted some to really stand out. I took my crystal effects and went overtop of each letter. After that dried I went around it with a dauber and more mellow moss to really make it stand out.
I hope you have enjoyed my little project for this evening (yeah I know morning but I haven't slept yet so technically it is still the evening for

Friday, January 25, 2008

Strawberry Shortcake was a HIT!!

Well look who stopped by to wish McKayla a Happy 4th Birthday!! Granted I didn't get to do al the fun & funky things that I was going to do for last weeks party, but this was still the best part anyway.

My Friend Sarah is a "Bake-aholic" (is there such a thing?) Well if there wasn't before there is now and she is it. She jumped on board with a very generous offer to make this cake from SCRATCH for McKayla's party. SO I went and got the pan and the paste colors and she worked her magic!! When I put McKayla to bed (on a gigantic sugar/color high) she was still raving about her "bestest cake ever". I HAVE to agree. Wowzers!

And I have made a decision as well..............I am going to enlist the Almighty Q's (her new nickname) magical talent for some upcoming events. Baby Showers & Bridal Showers, she will knock there socks think Jungle baby shower.......Thats all for tonight. Have a great week end folks and Sarah if you are reading this...Thanks a million!


PS: we have a new stamper brewing, McKayla recieved a complete "Chic" stamp set from Aunitie Rhonda...yes the "cause" of all my stamp tendancies is now enabling my 4 year old..Sweet!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Cupcakes & Cleaning

Well on the agenda today.....Cupcakes & Cleaning. Yeah, Fun! This week end we are having McKayla's "birthday do-over" party and like I orginally intended, I am baking cupcakes to take to her day-care. I had told the ladies in her class that I would bring some mini cupcakes for her birthday. I also promised that I would make plain ones so as not to get the kids completely wired up. So I am going to try some like the picture to the right, but in white. Wish me luck, lol. Also, today my friend Sarah is making a Strawberry Shortcake cake. Not an actual Shortcake, but a cake that is looks like Strawberry shortcake herself. I will try to remember to do a post on that witht the actual pictures this week end. I am very excited to see how it turns out.
I am also going to do some cleaning. Since I played musical rooms with my Design room and McKenzie's bedroom I have a lot of stuff still out of place. My DH finally put the bunkbeds back together in her room and that is what I needed done before I could start. So I must make my "redneck style" basement mess go away, so that the kids can all play downstairs. I am hoping to get this all done with ample time to make cards as I still have a lot of things I need to do in that department, including a workshop to plan. That is of course if anyone comes hahahaha.
Have a great day everyone, I know I will.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Laying a rose

Just a brief post today (er...this morning I mean) I meant to come in and post this first part yesterday but ended up with too many other things on my plate for the day.

Sunday is the day. What day? It's usually the day of the week that I go to "visit" my Dad at the cemetary. I almost always go on Sundays because it was his regular day off and I used to bring the girls over to Mom & Dad's to visit. This particular Sunday was the 7 month anniversary of the day he passed away and so I brought a red rose (which he loved) where I normally bring a white one. I don't know why, I guess perhaps it is because my brothers and I were represented in the funeral flower arrangement with 4 white roses. But he did LOVE the red ones. So here is to a new year, a new day to hopefully keep moving forward and to continue doing things I know he would have been proud of and to still spending some sundays with my Daddy.

On another note: Bi-polar disorder. My mother and one brother are diagnosed with BPD and what an uphill battle. As a family on a whole we do pretty good, but I can't help but have complete admiration for my S-I-L. She has been strong, understanding, tolerate and eager to know all their is to know in order to help my brother. I honestly don't know how she does it. I consider myself a strong person when it comes to emotional things but I don't know that I could be the kind of outstanding person she is. With that, my Brother is in Hospital again as of this evening and I really hope all will be well. I am just glad that he (they) are to a point where they recognize the signs and the need to seek immediate professional treatment through the highs and lows.

Strong thoughts of my Bro & my Dad...I love 'em both so much!
G'nite ~Jewels

Saturday, January 19, 2008

It's hip to be square

Ok, I know it's lame for a title, but what the heck! I love how this card turned out and really quick easy. Before I begin I just want to say that my previous post was a little bit of a vent. It really helped curb my anger at the inlaws. My FIL phoned today to discuss some work stuff with the DH and only then realized and shortly after the MIL phoned as well. Really no excuse to not phone your grandchildren on their birthday, but this too shall pass. I am having an easier time venting things out and then letting them pass, which isn't always easy for me. Its an ongoing battle but we all still have to vent sometimes, right?

So! This lovely card is 4.75 square and I started by embossing it with the d'vine swirls folder from cuttlebug. Then I trimmed up the edge, compliments to Martha Stewart's great border punch! I added the border to the pattern paper also. I'm not sure why but I just After attaching the ribbon I stuck it on the card base and also added the matted flowers (fantastic ready to use 3-d sticker made by Sandylion) I stamped the sentiment from the "Faux Ribbon" set from Papertrey Ink, punched it with the small oval (SU). Then I used the small side of my cropidile to punch a hole, snipped it and added it through the ribbon bow on the stickers. Last but not least, I added a strip of matching pattern paper to the inside flap of the card and presto. Seriously, I think it took me about 10 mins to make the card.
Supplies: whisper white c/s, going gray ink from Stampin Up, Sentiment from Papertrey Ink, Sandylion sticker, grey Bazzil Bling for sticker matte, Cuttlebug & embossing folder, Martha Stewart border punch & ribbon, Patterned paper from Lori Siebert paper block.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Pardon Moi!

Well what a day. We had a great little "family of four" dinner of the birthday girl's choice, which was pizza and chicken fingers. Then she opened a few presents and wants to save a few for the actual birthday party next week. Strange really, because what child wants to save any presents for later? McKayla and I are both feeling better and really we could have had her party tonight like planned but I am kinda glad I get the extra week to clean

I am a little put off however. McKayla said a few things this morning when I was talking with her about her birthday. One that had to do with my Dad, who passed in June, and you can really tell that she misses him, probably as much as I do and I knew him longer :) The second was how she hoped that all her family and friends phoned to wish her a happy birthday. NOT ONE person even phoned today. Ok to be fair my mom did and mentioned her birthday, but my mom doesnt celebrate birthdays (not getting into Very funny because I make sure that I phone each of my 3 brothers, their wives, and children on their birthdays. Also everyone of my friends and such and in return...Not a thing. Perhaps I am developing a selective case of amnesia when it comes to anyone else. No one else can be bothered to think of any one but them selves? Sounds like a great way to be (tiny bit of sarcasim in that last line in case you didnt notice)

What gets me the most is my in laws. They live Far far away (no not like in Shrek, lol) and very seldom get to see the girls (or their grandsons and their own children for that matter) and not even they phoned today. The last time they were here, my MIL really upset McKayla as she did the time before. Then she went a good month and a half before she even apologized to her and only because Curtis phoned them. Fantastic.

I put McKayla to bed this evening and now I sit here staring at a brthday card my dad got her last year and wish he was here to give her another. If he was here I know for sure, being a friday night, he would have been driving cab and most definitely would have popped in to give his special little girl a birthday hug!

Thank goodness for blogs, where you can let it all out. Good night!

It's Her Birthday!!

Ok so it's McKayla's Birthday although ruined by a nasty cold, she is still having fun today. She is currently in my Design Room whipping up her latest cards for a "card making Birthday party" Hmmm... I dont recall when we said we were going to do that? But perhaps in the near future. LOL. She also said to me this morning "Mommy, I really wish Grampa Pat was here to see me turn 4, he wouldn't believe how big I growed since he died" AWWWW!! Break my heart.

So in honour of my wonderful Daughter's birthday I thought I would share with you another SUPER CUTE project that has her in it!!

This is the inside of a tiny hinged lid tin. I think the size is approximately 2.5 x 3.5 (or something like that) SO I took a piece of 8.5 x 11 cardstock and cut it lengthwise and then I scored it at points small enough that when folded up it would fit in the tin. I also had to round the corners to make that happen. I used a Papertrey Ink Stamp Set, Limitless Labels from last months release, to decorate and make backgrounds. On the front I did a little bit of masking in order to have a border. The leaf pattern is one of the stamps that also fit perfectly with the avery labels, this is just an alternative way to use them. I then made a little pocket to fit the "hugs & KISSES" tag. The next picture is my youngest daughter, McKenzie & the third page (on the right) is McKayla.
This is what I did to the outside of the tin. To start with I cut a piece of paper to fit over the lid, next I stamped the design from another label stamp over and over. The great thing is this: the stamps are clear!! Hello! this makes it SUPER easy to match up the pattern and make a constant pattern. That girl is a GENIUS! Next I wrapped the tin with the wide Chocolate Chip satin ribbon from SU, sadly retired :( Then a took a naked chipboard letter and covered it in white craft and also coated it with white e.p. I stamped the "mine" from the same set. Added a little flower and rhinestone and there you have it. I was actually planning on adding to the backs of the inside pages and giving it to my mom so I added a few Chocolate Mint Andes Chocolates, of course decorated to match and it all fits in the tin! I think I may have to make another one for my MIL.

Supplies: Papertrey Ink Stamp et "Limitless Labels", Tin ?? from LSS, Andes chocolates, chipboard letter from MM?, prima flowers. White e.p. Stampin' Up!: whisper white, chocolate chip, pretty in pink c/s, choc. chip, purely pom, white craft ink. Choc chip ribbon.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Papertrey Inkers Anonymous

I seriously think there should be a group stared just for us card designers that are hooked on PTI. lol I am having a hard time putting it down. Although sick today, all I can think of is what cute cards can I ake for my Store today? But, I actually have a migraine with this stupid cold so I am just going to share with you another project I made with my Papertrey Ink Sweet Love set.

I made this set for a good friend of mine, she had us over for New Years and we had a fantastic Martini party. She went out of her way to have all kinds of food and new Martini recipes and really just put on a great bash for her friends. The best thank you is to have friends that show they appreciate you, but I thought this was pretty cute too!

First I made the little box with SU Chocolate Chip Cardstock. The top part of the box I stamped using the scrolled pieces in a reoccurring formation and also added in the hearts using Regal Rose. Then I folded up the box and added the satin ribbon. I added the monogram tag using the Borders & corners Mono. Ed. and the "m" is from the Ambassador alpha set. Using the 1 1/4 circle punch (which fits perfectly) to cut it out and matted it on choc. chip 1 3/8 circle. Then I made a whole ste of mini cards. each card is 3x 3 and accompanied by the Very Vanilla Mini Envelopes from SU. Pretty basic brown cards, Stamped in regal rose, added the text and cut it out (by hand cause I don't have a punch that fits perfectly) Finished with a simple ribbon tie accross the top.

The Very Vanilla cards are stamped with the same scroll design, matted with brown and the scallop layer. The scallop layer was created using the SU circle punch...some day I will get the rest of the marvy set, or maybe even the nestabilities. Anyways the whole set fits in the box perfectly and I think I will accompany the note cards with a few matching nuggets.

So after numerous typing errors (i'm sure there are tons) I think I need to go lay down. My eyes are killing me. I think maybe this afternoon I will spray paint all my windows black so none of that pesky daylight can get in. Darn Migraines!

Have a Super Day!!

My Thoughts and Prayers!

I just found out yesterday also, that some friends of ours down in New Mexico are not doing very well. We meet Dawn & Norm while living there to work. My DH worked with Norm and the 4 of us used to go out for supper and get together for the 'ol BBQ routine. Well My Father in Law told us a day or so ago that Dawn was in the hospital after having sort of bleed in her brain. I have just got news that she now has pretty much no long term or short term memory. My Thoughts and Prayers are going out to them right now!! ~Jewels

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A Cancelled Birthday Party

Aww my sweet little almost 4 year old is so very sick. I was doing some running around (actually getting prep stuff for her party) and checking out my friend Melissa wedding dress that just arrived today. On top of a list that runs a mile long, I got a call from my DH just as I was heading to Michelle's house saying she was complaining of an earache. She has been coughing and sniffly for a few days now and the poor thing seems to just be getting worse. Last night she coughed so hard she threw up all over her bed. Awwww :( So tonight after I got home she was back in bed already but came up and barfed all over the couch a little while ago....(gag). But she seems to be doing ok again. So I guess that is the great part about her age, its not a huge deal to do it later. Too bad I guess, but I have to get us in to see the doc tomorrow (that is if they answer the phones tomorrow) if not walk in it is!

I will try to do another post soon. I plan to show you all the other entries I submitted at PTI!!! :)


Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Guest Star Stamper Project: V-Day Treat Set

Well Here it is!! This is the project that I submitted that was selected for a Guest Star Stamper at Papertrey Ink!! Which can also be seen >>HERE<< href="">SWEET LOVE. Once I started to use this set I just couldn't stop. I think I also told them in one of my emails that there should be a PTIA group. A PTIA Group? A PaperTrey Inkers Anonymous group,for thoses of us that are thouroughly addicted. All in Favor say "I". LMBO!!

So here's the scoop:
1. The mini cards. Since I don't have the nestabilities (that I think I may need to get) lol I used my coluzzle to cut out the cards. I folded my black c/s in half and I just made sure that the size I was using was hanging over the fold and then I cut through both layers. I did the same thing with one size smaller on white c/s. Then I stamped the oval design from the SL set in ruby red craft (SU) and added stardus e.p. then I stamed the sentiment in black and added the little heart brads from MM. I cut it out attached it to the black card and then I used my distressing tool to rough the edge of the black. Last, I added the "for you"to the inside.

2. The mini purses (to the left of the cards) all I did for these was cut a small strip of c/s and place a hershey nugget in the center of it. Then I folded the cardstock up and over to make a little flap in the front. Then I attched the heart. Again the heart is stamped in ruby red craft and stardust e.p. and the heart brad again as a "clasp" then I tied ribbn through the top and tied a simple knot.

3.The Nugget Tin: I filled the nugget tin with hershey's treatsize cookies-n-cream bars. First I wrapped them in a text filled paper that I stamped. I started by stamping the ruby red "sweet Love" in the center and added the stardust e.p. then I added the black all around. I just alternated the rows to get the staggered pattern. Afer I filled the tin, I made a band. I cute the strip 1 x 10 inches (I think) and then I took the guide off my corner rounder and made both edges scalloped. Then I took some red ribbon and I ctually put a bit of snail on both ends and stuck it to my grid paper so it wouldn't move and so the paper would catch any ink. I took the little flourish from the set and stamped it in black stazon. Then I tied everythign around and added the heart again.

4. Holding it all together- I took a plain white bag wrapped ribbon and added the tag and there you have it. The perfect Valentine's treat set. The whole set I made had 8 treat bars, 8 mini "clamshell style" cards, mini purses and the whole works fit perfectly into the gift bag!!

Thanks for taking a peek at my project & thanks to PTI again for the GSS!!!

If you have any questions feel free to leave me a comment!!

Some Links

Thought I might add some links to PTI....Check them out!!

Papertrey Ink
Nichole's Blog
The Inkpad Gallery

Ok I have some catching up to do with work But I will be posting again later today (tonight)


Monday, January 14, 2008

Cloud Nine...Papertrey Ink Guest Star Stamper!!!!

Omg!! I just found out that I was selected for GUEST STAR STAMPER over in the "Inkpad Gallery" of Papertrey Ink. I am so excited....In fact I screamed and jumped up and downa nd ran around waking the children (oops!) and now my DH thinks he needs a rubber room for his crazy wife. Well Let me tell you.... All I need ismy STAMPIN ROOM!!! (which happens to have rubber in But it is quickly filling up with Acrylic as well. So I say this. Thank you Nichole & Papertrey Ink team, I am truly honoured, touched and completely EXCITED!!! If you have not seen her stamps, design, blog or website...CHECK THEM OUT NOW! They just released a couple fantastic "Must Have" sets that every stamper should have!

Now I must go get back to work. I was supposed to be working on an order and could NOT peel myself away from laptop, ya know hitting the 'ol refresh button to see the new stuff and to get into the gallery to see the GSS's. This was my first ever submission an I am smiling from ear to ear.

G'nite (yeah, like I will be sleeping any time soon, I still have my PTI Party on)

Thursday, January 10, 2008


Ok so this is why I have not posted....
First, I checked my mail and there was this months copy of CK..only 10 months of sub left :(

So I was flippin' Through this baby when all of a sudden.....DING DONG!!!
and there was my favorite UPS guy standing there with a box of Stampin' up stuff...Yippeee! Now if only I could have got the DH back to work from his lunch break, the baby down for her nap and my oldest DD duct taped for Only kidding, we use packing tape...Still just kidding. Anyway, as I was cuttin' into my SU box....
DING DONG!! I was starting to think the wicked witch was dead! LMBO!! But nope, My OTHER favorite guy (who also smells good) dropped off another box from Papertrey Ink. I had been waiting for that little box of stamping treasures since Dec 15th. Damn Customs...or maybe not. I usually get a notice for pick up n the mail because I have to pay another $8.00 or so in customs duty but not this time! Hoooray!!!

Did I get a chance to play much that day??? NOPE! Sure didn't :( vey sad I know, I was heart broken myself. So this is why I have not posted. I have been playing making card orders for customers using brand new unseen materials and also working on a few extra special projects for submissions (fingers Crossed). Until my next post, I bid thee farewell!!


Monday, January 7, 2008

I like "U" a Latte

So I was blog hoppin'one day and found some GREAT cards. I just HAD to try this one out and boy I am glad that I did. This is pretty much the first card I have cased almost exact to the original card. But really? this card didn't need to look any other way and it just so happened I had all the EXACT papers used to create this card. Taylor's (Taylored Expressions) Creations are spectacular and being a coffee lover myself I had to give it a go. Taylors Fabulous Coffee Lover's Set can be seen by clicking the link.
The only differenc eI did have, I thought I grabbed the right stripey paper but I didn't. Very close but not exactly, silly because I do have the exact stripey paper. However, I did use the opposite side of that exact stripey paper to stamp the coffee on. The only other thing I did was I made a mix of instant coffee and clear e.p. and used close to cocoa craft to make the card scented. I didnt have the blue & polka dot paper so I skipped straight to the ribbon. But overall, a SUPER card. Thanks for Sharing Taylor!

Be sure to have a peek into Taylor's Blog for some more great inspiration!!

Supplies: "Like it a Latte" Stamp set, Real red, chocolate chip, whisper white c/s. close to cocoa craft, real red, basic brown classic ink. Stamp a ma jig, dimensionals, daubers, clear e.p. all from Stampin' Up! Pattern Paper: basic Grey Blush Eternity & Crush, My Mind's Eye Bohemia Blossom/light pink. Brown polka dots ribbon by dashes dots & checks, Blue ribbon from spool 'o ribbon, liquid applique, instant coffee.

Speaking of Coffee.... I had some visitors to my house today. I have known Diana & her husband Bil for almost 10 years now, we met at none other then the Coffee Shop in our local mall. Turns out now that we live less then a block away from each other. Anyway, I do all her creative Design stuff, for instance I did all her daughters wedding invitations, rsvp cards, programs, wine bottle labels, and a wedding scrapbook album. Well now I am retouching some photos and helping Bill compile some other things to do books on a complete Family history. (like 10 of them) They came over today for coffee while I finished printing up the first 20 8 x 10 photos all retouched & restored. Well! they walk in the door with this......>>>> All I have to say is YUMMY!!! A beautiful (huge) Basket full of specialty coffee, chocolates, flavoured coffee syrups, biscotti and a tin of danish cookies.....mouth. watering. must get cookie now! Ha ha, yeah I have one more thing to say, Diana & Bill...if you are reading (which you better be) Thanks for the lovely basket, the wonderful visit and McKayla says "Hi"
I am off to bed now, my goal for today was to be in bed by 1:00 am and it is slightly past...oops. G'nite.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

You're Invited!

Well the time of this new year is upon us. The time when everyone is winding down from a super busy holiday season. In my house it is not quite over yet. After getting holiday stuff put away (which I haven't sone yet) and getting caught up on everything else, I have to keep going for now. After all it is McKayla's birthday in 12 days & she will be turning 4. This summer when my youngest daughter turned one, time was flying and before I even knew it her birthday had come and I didn't even have time to do her invitations...Shocking I know, and I felt so horrible.

SO, here is the invitation I came up with last night. (pictured above) After several different variations this is what I had. yes, please note the word used: had. The card on the left (above) is the front and the card on the right (above) is the back I glued them together after I took the picture.

In the photo on the right, is what the back looked like after I put it toether and I really didn't like the way you could see the back of the punches at the top. SO I decided (yes another change and women are allowed to do that as many times as they want ;) I wanted to add the same multi layered punches to this side as well. Only with a different sentiment on it.

One thing I really liked about the back part of the card is a technique I saw over on this blog (Palm Trees & Pogo Sticks) on how to do dry embossed frames with a lightbox thingy. Yes a thingy! That tutorial can be found ~HERE~ hahaha Here is the funny for this post...I don't have a lightbox or anything that resembles it, so I just did the stacked layers as she did and kinda felt it out. Then I tried it a second, third & forth time and decided it might be easier to just get a lightbox. Not gonna happen for this chicklet at this point & time. But I did figure out a way to do it, hard to explain though. My recommendation: Just get a darn lightbox aka: Thingy. Alright well anyway here is the photo of that since you can not see it really well from the straight on photos.
SU SUPPLIES:"Mark The Date" "Baroque Motifs" "Hugs & Wishes" stamp sets. Pretty in pink, very vanilla, chocolate chip c/s. Pixie pink, close to cocoa classic ink. Punches: 1 3/8 circle, large & small ovals, designer label. Stamp a ma jig, Daubers, dimensionals. PAPERTREY INK SUPPLIES: Ambassador Monogram Edition (used the swirly thingy from the set on the edges of each sentiment, a very nice touch) OTHER SUPPLIES: Patterned paper by Kelly Panacci, "January"stamp from Hero Arts clear month sets, ribbon from Martha Stewart, misc brown gel pen, fiskars embossing stylus.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

McKenzie: 1 of 52

Welcome to page #1! That's Right, I have vowed to do ne page per week of each of my 2 girls totaling 52 weeks each. This is the first page!
This is my youngest daughter McKenzie who is now just over 16 months old. However, in these photos she is 9 months old. I had these pictures taken at Walmart and have been wanting to scrapbook them ever since. Sadly enough, this is the first page I have ever done for McKenzie, Sorry Sweetie!

Not really a whole to say about this page, but there are 2 main components that I especially love. 1)To your left, the torn paper edges, slightly inked on the edges using a dauber and my close to cocoa classic ink. I particularly like the look of all three layers ripped and stacked on top of each other. I also ripped the edges of the wallet size photo mattes and inked them too.
2) On the Right, is the second thing I love about this page. See above the letter "M", I gathered the ribbon. I am not really sure what it is called but I liked it when I saw it one time so I added it to this layout. I think it really adds to the "aged" nature of the page.
I finished off the page by ripping the edges of each etter tile to match, of course. At the last minute I decided to added the 'o7 to the page, thinking the word May kinda looks like her name rather then just a month. hmmm, oh well. Last I added some Prima Flowers and checked off my first circle on my tracking page in previous post.
I do believe that is all for this evening, I am now going to see if I can get out of watching this movie with the DH. He is watching 300 (which I bought him for Christmas) and I am seriously bored already...besides I have more pages I want to do!

Friday, January 4, 2008

52 Weeks Layout Page

I don't do New Year's Resolutions but I decided that this year I would do one but not a typical one. Yes, Im overweight, I should be nicer, I need to quit smoking, but this is what i decide to do. 52 weeks of scrapbook pages. I am going to do one page per week for each of my daughters. It doesn't even have to be a photo from that week. Just a page, any page. I am looking so forward to it that I even made a layout to keep track....and this is where it begins.

Each page that I do, I will use the 4 mini flowers from the "A beautiful thing" to fill in the circles. Probably alternating white, brown and versamark.

Again being completely obsessed with the pink/brown combo and the fact that I have not odne a page l/o in ages this was the way to go. Not to mention it matches my Design Room and the Album I plan on putting all the layouts in!

I used Retired Stampin' Up! papers from the "Rebecca" Collection, but since it is for my own use, I don't care..ha!

I started by finally mounting the calender peice from "Mark The Date" only I cut the days of the week off and mounted along the edge. I do this sometimes cause it is easier to mix and match colors this way until I finally purchase some of the markers. Not to mention it makes it fun to use just the circles as I did on this L/O.

Next I used some new rubons, that I picked up at a LSS. They are American Crafts Mini Marks, and let me just give a big eads up to Kristina who used them in one of Make a Card Monday videos. If you have not checked out her blog, go do it! seriously....just go. Well ok, AFTER you are done here. *wink* Anyway, back to the rubons. They are fantastic! All the letters are in strips in a booklet and has a guide on the cover as to what row each letter is in to find them easily. then you just cut each letter you want and use the include tool (which is by far way better then a plain 'ol popsicle stick) I will now be on the hunt for more because they are so awesome but the LSS only had the one style. MUST. HAVE. MORE! haha

After I did one card for each of the girls, I put 2 strips of ribbon across the main background paper and maticulously tied the bows (I am getting better at it if I don't say so myself...Look out Martha!) I then placed th cards evenly on top of the ribbon. Then the space between the 2 ribbon strips looked pretty plain so I added 3 different layers of prima flowers, joined them together with a build a brad and topped it off with Prima "Say it with Jewels" Af ter that I dotted it with my white pen.

A this stage in the game I didn't have one yet but made the 3 layer mat for it. I cut the striped paper first and then added the 2 layers of pink one at a time and just cut it all out freehand. Once I had them all cut out I glued them together and then made the bigger one on the side to match. I figured I would put the journaling there, again just didn't know what. Journaling is most certainly not my strong point. I glued both peices on and then started the journaling.
I love the idea of cutting the peices so thats exactly what I did. Once I had done the underline dots I decided to do the outline of the title & matte peices. To add some depth to the page I applied my journal words with dimensionals. The I finally came up with the title.
I used Martha Stewart Stickers for the "weeks" part of it and then outlined it with my (at this point very stubborn) white gel pen. Then I got out her alphabet stamp set and stamped the numbers to match.
Page numero uno, complete-o! I love it so much, I may even find somewhere to submit it for publication or something.....hmmmm. Anyone know of a place?
So drop me a comment, what do you think of the lay out? and what do you think I should have done differently?

Talk to you all later, I am going to do another page. Week 1!
Project Supplies: Rebecca DSP, rose red & pretty in pink c/s, purely pomegranate classic ink, dimensionals, build a brad, white gel pen all Stampin up. Alpha Stickers, number stamps & ribbon from Martha Stewart. Mini mark (Ricky) Rub ons from American Crafts. Paper flowers & jewel center from Prima.

Cards and...

Still so very in love with the pinks & browns. On that note, I will get right to the cards! Why wait, "bust 'em out"! (btw, really not liking the fact that with vista and/or my laptop, when using any of the punctuation keys you have to press and then hit the space bar to get it to appear properly. If anyone knows of a way to turn this off please leave me a comment) Ok scatter-brained thoughts aside, here are my "fav" cards of the day.

This first card is my rendition of a card I spotted in the latest Card Creations Magazine. It captured my focus immediately as I was standing in the line-up of Safeway yesterday. All I could think of was getting home super fast so that I could amke and then never ended up making it until today...geesh! Typically, I don't do square cards so this one was a great starting point to a square collection. Once I did this one I couldn't stop and made 3 more!
Supplies: whisper white & rose red c/s, close to cocoa prints DSP, purely pomegranite classic ink all from Stampin' up! Stitches & sentiment stamp from the Faux Ribbon Papertrey Ink set. Dress em up buttons.

On the right, a card with so many things that I love. First of all the flourish stamp from Baroque Motifs. then the paper flowers, Martha's ribbon, a great rub on and of course the build a brad. What can be better then custom fitting any brad to any project? You get 24 in each tin and then you can decorate the tin, hello? Brilliant!!

Supplies: whisper white, rose red & pretty in pink c/s. Build a brad, basic brown classic ink all SU products. Paper flowers from Prima. Rub on sentiment & flower in brad from Scrapworks. Martha Stewart Ribbon.

K.I.S.S.! Nuff said. Ok well when do I ever leave anything at nuff never. HA! I just liked the idea of a gift card, but for some reason this is what I came out with. I was actually meaning for it to be a card to put a gift card into but instead it morphed into a card that LOOKS like a gift. *Ooops* but I suppose I could still add a pocket inside or something.

Also, I will not mention the amount of time it took to do that stupid bow. for some reason it would NOT work for me. SO I fiddled and fiddled and finally just pulled it tight, about to say forget it and then realized it would be perfect if I gace the card a 90 degree turn. DUH! Blonde moment quota for the day achieved! *wink*

Supplies: Close to cocoa, whisper white, rose red & pretty in pink c/s. Basic Gray classic ink from Stampin' Up! Sentiment stamp from Hero Arts February clear set. Heart brads from Making Memories. ribbon from michaels.

Last Card. My DH said this one was his favorite and with good reason. What reason i'm not sure it just seemed like the right thing to say. I'm sure most of the time he does the "Smile & Nod" quickly say some random thing and she will go away...haha.
Forever and a day ago, I got the SCS weekling inkling in my inbox and it had the Split Negative Tutorial and I have wante to try it out. Now I finally did and I am hooked! If you haven't tried it yet, you possitively have to. SO GO! Drop whatever you are doing and go grab all you favorite stamps & paper and get it done!! haha "those with perfectly clean homes don't stamp enough" Wow i'm crazy tonight. Need Sleep.
Supplies: whisper white & pretty in pink c/s, basic brown & real red classic ink, white craft, baroque motifs & NEW mark the date (little heart) stamp sets, dimenisonals all SU! Heart punch ?, sentiment from G Studio, Martha Stewart Ribbon.
That's all Folks! No, not porky pig but what the heck its late and clearly, I need sleep! I leave you this fine....morning with my plans for tomorrow. I am going to make a page for tracking the 12 x 12 layouts I do. Confused? Check back tomorrow sometime I will explain it.
So long, farewell, alvetazane (sp), good bye! LOL Darn Sound of Music.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

A Beautiful Thing

Alright! I admit it!! I am COMPLETELY Yhead over healsY for this new set. Mind you I only used one stamp from it on this card, but still. (btw I am playing with webdings as

I did this card last night from my head, there's not my in my head but apparently this card was. lol. So I did it on very vanilla c/s and used rose red to emboss hearts folder from CB. I wrapped a lovely pink ribbon from Martha Stewart's collection (which I am also adicted to) Then I used the marvy giga scalloped circle punch from close to cocoa prints DSP and then just didn't punch the whole thing so that I could line it up on the edge. Next, the mega circle punch, again very vanilla and lined up on edge. I then used the SU scallop punch on rose red prints DSP. At first I stamped on Very Vanilla c/s an punch punched the stamped sentiment with the large oval and put it on the scallop, but it looked a bit to bare so I added the designer label punch in groovy gauva and put it on with dimensionals. That's it that's all!

I also did some really great Valentine's cards for kids, so i am going to do up some sets I think for some of the kids in my faily and of course some to sell. If anyone ses anything they are interested in feel free to email me for purchase details. yeah, anyway, I will be back later perhaps to do a post on the mini YV-dayY cards. Now I have to go and put a baby to bed so I can make new stuff.

YSU Supplies: very vanilla & groovy guava c/s, close to cocoa & rose red prints DSP, scallop punch, designer label punch, large oval punch, dimensionals. Other Supplies: Martha Stewart: pink sand ribbon, Marvy: giga scallop circle, mega circle. Cuttlebug & hearts embossing folder.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Valentine's & Stampin' Up!

Well I wasjust so beside myself all morning as I waited for the noon hour open of express ordering on the Stampin' Up! Demonstrators website. After that i'm sure the flood gates opened in Utah...Thousands of orders pouring in....and one of them was mine!! Ok two, but whatever! One was a supply Order (where I happen to order some of the upcoming Sale-a-bration sets) and the second one was from the catty. Here is a short list of the goodies I will be waiting for..Sealed with a Kiss, Forever Flowers Wheel, It's Beautiful Wheel (have to have it to match the stamp set right? and the rub ons, right? Right.) Boho Backgrounds, One of a kind (and the matching blossoms punch, of course) Pretty Petals background, Smarty Pants, Simple Serif Mini Alphabet, Berry Bliss DSP, Bali Breeze DSP, Rose Red Prints DSP, and of course, The Valentine's Bundle. Now the next 2 weeks should be the longest of the year...hehe ok the year is new but it will still be long! hmmffft! ok I will go pout somewhee else now...LOL.

Onto the Cards! This first card took my breath away for a minute. I fel in love with the design and absolutely HAD to make it. I don't like my version AS much but I dont hve the particular stamps from Papertrey Ink used to make this card, Yet! Shipping to Canada takes to long, but totally worth the wait. Anywho, I cased this card from Heather Nichols (One of the Papertrey Ink Designers) from the Inkpad Online Gallery at Papertrey ~HERE~ I think the next time I make this card I will stamp the heart onto W/W-C/S and cut it out and put it on with SU Dimensionals.

SU Supplies: Loving Hearts Stamp set (retired), Kraft, Whisper White, Real Red C/C, Whisper White Craft, Real Red Classic Ink, Dimensionals & Silver Cord. Other Supplies: Dashes dots & Checks red polka dot ribbon, MM Pewter Heart Brads, G studio Stamp (sentiment), Charm ? sorry I can't remember ;)

Ok Next! This card came out of my own head, However the simplicity was inspired. I regularly go and see Kristina's Blog and I LOVE her designs. She always keeps it simple because she "likes it that way" as stated in her latest video Q & A. :) Well I like it too! So this is my version of a simple card that is still astonishing (wow a big word and everything....maybe I spelled it wrong HAHA). I think this card actually took about 10 minutes to make from start to finish. WOW. Ok so I need to K.I.S.S. cards more often.

I also think I might try this style in Blue as well. Gotta have a few cards kickin' around for thr guys right? If I do that I will post it

SU Supplies: Whisper White C/S, Creamy Caramel C/S, Rose Red Prints DSP, Versamark, 15/16 Chocolate Chip Satin Ribbon (retired), Dimensionals.

Other Supplies: M.S.E. "U" Stamp, Heidi swapp Chipboard Letters, Anonymous Heart Stamp?, Stampendous White Emboss Powder.

Last but not least, for now (I can't do them all of them I would have no time to stamp new ones) So another original design. I had two goals in mind when making this card.
1)Make a card with ALL SU products.
2)Use the NEW STAMPIN UP Rub Ons that have been sitting here in the unopened package for over a week! (INSANE, I KNOW!!)
AND I DID IT!! whoop whoop!! haha lagh, but I have a hard time because I have so many things I want to use. I almost always use ribbon on my cards but I only have 3 types of SU ribbon. 2 more weeks and I will have 3 more!
So this card DOES use ONLY Su products. The flower and sentiment layers are popped up with dimensionals. All the black except the sentiment are rub ons from the Eastern elegance Set.
Supplies: Very Vanilla, Rose Red, Cameo Coral C/S, Close to Cocoa Prints DSP, A beautiful thing Stamp Set (new 2008), Purely Pom Classic Ink, Bask Black Classic Ink, Dimensional, ticket corner punch.
Thanks for stopping by, until next time ~ Jewels

C.F.G. Design Room

Ok so here goes... This is going to be a long post so perhaps I will do my room in this post and my New Cards in a seperate post.
You saw the before pictures....and here are the now. I still have a few things I have to do, but let's face it I can't do it all at once. So I still need to put up the white ornimental trim between the two paint colors and I still have 4 cubes to purchase and assemble, Still have one at home I have not assembled I also have a lot of shelving to put up and get my Daughtersdresser out of the closet so that I can turn that into more shelving & storage & such. Enjoy the pics....I'm Lovin' it!

Stampin' Up! ~ Spring/Summer 2008

I realize I have some updates to do: a)update pics on my design room, b) some really cute Valentine's/love Cards I made last night c) whatever else is I can not give my attention to those things at this minute because there is only a few minutes left until I can go to the onling order section and put in my first new order for the Spring/Summer Catty!!!!!! I will try and return.