Friday, January 25, 2008

Strawberry Shortcake was a HIT!!

Well look who stopped by to wish McKayla a Happy 4th Birthday!! Granted I didn't get to do al the fun & funky things that I was going to do for last weeks party, but this was still the best part anyway.

My Friend Sarah is a "Bake-aholic" (is there such a thing?) Well if there wasn't before there is now and she is it. She jumped on board with a very generous offer to make this cake from SCRATCH for McKayla's party. SO I went and got the pan and the paste colors and she worked her magic!! When I put McKayla to bed (on a gigantic sugar/color high) she was still raving about her "bestest cake ever". I HAVE to agree. Wowzers!

And I have made a decision as well..............I am going to enlist the Almighty Q's (her new nickname) magical talent for some upcoming events. Baby Showers & Bridal Showers, she will knock there socks think Jungle baby shower.......Thats all for tonight. Have a great week end folks and Sarah if you are reading this...Thanks a million!


PS: we have a new stamper brewing, McKayla recieved a complete "Chic" stamp set from Aunitie Rhonda...yes the "cause" of all my stamp tendancies is now enabling my 4 year old..Sweet!

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  1. Hey Jewels! This cake is FANTABULOUS!!! Wow, your friend is super talented. Hope you had a great weekend.