Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A Cancelled Birthday Party

Aww my sweet little almost 4 year old is so very sick. I was doing some running around (actually getting prep stuff for her party) and checking out my friend Melissa wedding dress that just arrived today. On top of a list that runs a mile long, I got a call from my DH just as I was heading to Michelle's house saying she was complaining of an earache. She has been coughing and sniffly for a few days now and the poor thing seems to just be getting worse. Last night she coughed so hard she threw up all over her bed. Awwww :( So tonight after I got home she was back in bed already but came up and barfed all over the couch a little while ago....(gag). But she seems to be doing ok again. So I guess that is the great part about her age, its not a huge deal to do it later. Too bad I guess, but I have to get us in to see the doc tomorrow (that is if they answer the phones tomorrow) if not walk in it is!

I will try to do another post soon. I plan to show you all the other entries I submitted at PTI!!! :)


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