Wednesday, January 2, 2008

C.F.G. Design Room

Ok so here goes... This is going to be a long post so perhaps I will do my room in this post and my New Cards in a seperate post.
You saw the before pictures....and here are the now. I still have a few things I have to do, but let's face it I can't do it all at once. So I still need to put up the white ornimental trim between the two paint colors and I still have 4 cubes to purchase and assemble, Still have one at home I have not assembled I also have a lot of shelving to put up and get my Daughtersdresser out of the closet so that I can turn that into more shelving & storage & such. Enjoy the pics....I'm Lovin' it!

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  1. Lucky girl! I am just renovating my basement now and hope to even have a space 1/2 this great.