Thursday, January 10, 2008


Ok so this is why I have not posted....
First, I checked my mail and there was this months copy of CK..only 10 months of sub left :(

So I was flippin' Through this baby when all of a sudden.....DING DONG!!!
and there was my favorite UPS guy standing there with a box of Stampin' up stuff...Yippeee! Now if only I could have got the DH back to work from his lunch break, the baby down for her nap and my oldest DD duct taped for Only kidding, we use packing tape...Still just kidding. Anyway, as I was cuttin' into my SU box....
DING DONG!! I was starting to think the wicked witch was dead! LMBO!! But nope, My OTHER favorite guy (who also smells good) dropped off another box from Papertrey Ink. I had been waiting for that little box of stamping treasures since Dec 15th. Damn Customs...or maybe not. I usually get a notice for pick up n the mail because I have to pay another $8.00 or so in customs duty but not this time! Hoooray!!!

Did I get a chance to play much that day??? NOPE! Sure didn't :( vey sad I know, I was heart broken myself. So this is why I have not posted. I have been playing making card orders for customers using brand new unseen materials and also working on a few extra special projects for submissions (fingers Crossed). Until my next post, I bid thee farewell!!


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