Friday, January 18, 2008

Pardon Moi!

Well what a day. We had a great little "family of four" dinner of the birthday girl's choice, which was pizza and chicken fingers. Then she opened a few presents and wants to save a few for the actual birthday party next week. Strange really, because what child wants to save any presents for later? McKayla and I are both feeling better and really we could have had her party tonight like planned but I am kinda glad I get the extra week to clean

I am a little put off however. McKayla said a few things this morning when I was talking with her about her birthday. One that had to do with my Dad, who passed in June, and you can really tell that she misses him, probably as much as I do and I knew him longer :) The second was how she hoped that all her family and friends phoned to wish her a happy birthday. NOT ONE person even phoned today. Ok to be fair my mom did and mentioned her birthday, but my mom doesnt celebrate birthdays (not getting into Very funny because I make sure that I phone each of my 3 brothers, their wives, and children on their birthdays. Also everyone of my friends and such and in return...Not a thing. Perhaps I am developing a selective case of amnesia when it comes to anyone else. No one else can be bothered to think of any one but them selves? Sounds like a great way to be (tiny bit of sarcasim in that last line in case you didnt notice)

What gets me the most is my in laws. They live Far far away (no not like in Shrek, lol) and very seldom get to see the girls (or their grandsons and their own children for that matter) and not even they phoned today. The last time they were here, my MIL really upset McKayla as she did the time before. Then she went a good month and a half before she even apologized to her and only because Curtis phoned them. Fantastic.

I put McKayla to bed this evening and now I sit here staring at a brthday card my dad got her last year and wish he was here to give her another. If he was here I know for sure, being a friday night, he would have been driving cab and most definitely would have popped in to give his special little girl a birthday hug!

Thank goodness for blogs, where you can let it all out. Good night!


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MCKAYLA!!!! I hope you had a wonderful day with your mom, dad and sister. And WOW you get to look forward to a birthday party and presents!! THAT is so cool. What a lucky little girl you are. I hope you have a really really fun weekend and are feeling much better. It must be so much fun to be a birthday girl!!!!!!

  2. you'll have to forgive my lack of phone call with attempting to take care of a sick one, a bratty one, science fair project, a huge card order, cleaning up my house, cooking my meals for my family, and my dad to send out to him since i couldn't make it out to his house like i planned to this weekend! of course most of that was while entertaining company at the same time! i did remember it was her birthday and i barely remembered to pee yesterday! sorry it wasn't a good one!