Sunday, June 27, 2010

My Escape Route...

Do you have an escape route? What am i talking about, well when everything in life, work, family or any stress at all starts to get to be to much I go to my escape craft room! I love to just go and sit in there and relax. I warn my husband that I am going to disappear and he asks no questions. He knows I need that time to myself and then I just go and sit in there. I will flip through magazines or fiddle on my computer to become inspired and then I just create. My room has been so loyal to me and mu sanity that I decided to give her a makeover!

So enjoy my pics of my recently redone room....

This first picture is my main "station". My desk, which is supposed to be for a computer and what not, but it has a great amount of surface area to work on and also provided a lot of storage. I have plaster walls throughout my whole upstairs of my house so I can not really put up shelves so the extra storage comes in handy. All my do-dads and embellishments and markers, tools etc are tucked into the corner part of the hutch. All my PTI and other clear company sets are in a CD case that is now to small, but I dont think I will be adding to many more sets like these to my collection. Oh you can also see my ribbon hanger thingy, can you believe I always reach for my rolls of ribbon and 90% of the time I forget I have ribbon on there? It has become a decor item, ha!

This is to the right of my Desk, all my ink storage on top is PTI and bottom is SU. I have since taken all my pti inks and put them in a container like the white ones below and I am getting rid of the top ink thingy so i can hang pictures or stamped art instead. i have adjusted my sahelves to fit all my 12 x 12 paper on the bottom. Well I would be lying if I said this was ALL my 12 x 12 paper, I also have 3 of those paper cases accordian style that you can buy from Michaels or Staples

This is to the left of my desk. More storage!!! The ribbon holder my dad made for me back in 2006...LOVE IT!! and then the shelf is full of all my SU stamps that I would LOVE to unmount but really am not that

more know those Michael's cubes are awesome. I may have to retake this picture though because I rearranged everything on this section :D

Can you believe this whole unit (not really a single unit) I put together for a small $85.00? The drawers at the bottom were on sale for $15 each. The three cube shelf things were $10 each...Giant Tiger, I Love As you can see though I need more stuff to put in here...SHOPPING! I did pick up some cute baskets to put in there from Jysk but i need to go back and get more.

Last but not least this is my paper storage (PTI & SU) The holders are SU and the shelf is from Michael's

Thanks for having a peek. WHat do you think, do you like the paint color in my room?

Friday, June 25, 2010

Loonie Stampers Challenge #98

Well hello there!
This week was my color choice and I just felt like having
a nice bright springy color palette!

I used my new Stampin Up set called First Day in order to make a few cards for teachers at school. My Daughter has one teacher who I absolutely LOVE! She is very kind, loving to the kids and damn good at what she does.

Here is my finished inside, complete with a little vellum envelope that holds in a pewter pocket token with a verse on the back written for teachers!

4 more days and I will be heading to Char's house in order to fly out the next day and meet up with all the Loonie Girls for ECLIPSE!!!!!!!!!!!

Visit the girls!
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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Flood Pictures

Here are some pictures from around Medicine Hat, Irvine and other affected areas.....(Char dont

This is a section of Highway on the Trans Canada completely washed away near Maple Creek, Saskatchewan
This is a park in town near the South Saskatchewan

This is in Kin Coulee Park where the Canada Day "Zed Fest" is supposed to be?!

Local Businesses under water

This is the bottom of Sholton Hill, A main roadway from one area of town to another

Main intersection in town filling up

Images are mostly from a facebook group and a few news sites.

Maple Creek flood 2010 Trans Canada Highway dissapears

SO....this is whats been going on around Medicine Hat, Irvine, & the video is on the Trans Canada Highway near Maple Creek, SK.......

Friday, June 18, 2010

Loonie Stampers Challenge #97

Well Heeeeeeeellloooooooooooooooooo!
This weeks Challenge was set up by Miss Wendy and I like the colors!

... and yes that is the new wall color in my craft room that you can see behind my card. Don't worry i will share pics of my new room soon...still setting up my things in new places :)

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Few pics...Last part

So here is the last batch of pictures for now....Wedding party ones in the lobby of the Coast Hotel

This last photo is my Lifelong BFF we have been friends since we were three years old. I like this picture of us and out significant others!

Monday, June 14, 2010

A Few Pics...Part 3

Part's almost over I swear. But the good news is today I am sharing some pretty things!

Amongst the planning, Marlyn had said, she wanted to use Martini Glasses with the expanding Gel stuff and lime scented Tea lights from Partylite. So i made the suggestion to fancy them up with butterflies. Remember I used one on my LSC card. (second card). She found Green and white, but since the accent color was like Raspberry Fizz pink I used my copics to color the white ones pink. Then we wrapped the wire of the butterflies around a pen so that it would spiral around the stem of the glasses. It turned out perfect and it was cheap, fast and easy!

Here is the whole cake/cupcake stand. The picture came out kinda dark but it was so pretty!!! and again we used some butterflies and key lime slices to decorate!

Here is a closer shot of the cake

... and a couple creative shots of the cupcakes.

The green icing on the chocolate cupcakes was actually lime flavoured, ah YUM!

I will be back tomorrow with just a few more of the wedding party shots!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Few Pics...Part 2

Here is the seond installments of or 2 more and I will be done :)

This is the Groom, Sheldon. Such a nice and wonderful man!

Marlyn & Sheldon's First Dance

I love the Creative angle of this picture.
It is Marlyn Dancing with her Best Man & Her brother, Brock

Look Its ME! and the Groom. But seriously? Why didn't someone tell me that stupid scarf around my neck highlights my chins?

HAH This picture was fun. Dean, the bridesmaid behind me looks thrilled,
but she laughed after I swear!

See ya Tomorrow for more pictures....cakes, mmmm!
(psssst..True Blood Fans...are you as excited as I am to start watching season 3 tonight?)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

A few Pics...part 1

These are a few favorite pictures from my Boss' Wedding a few weeks ago....

This first one is her 'gettin attitude' at the hair salon. Ya! like she needed anymore! Side note: The Salon is called Attitudes!

I LOVE this next one. It's Marlyn and her Hairdresser, Michael, having a one on one moment...Too cute!

This one is Marlyn and her Momma, Glady's. Whom I am thinking of right now as she struggles with her Husbands losing battle with Cancer.

ETA: Glady's Husband Tom Passed away about an hour ago, so my heart goes out to her and her entire family! :(

Marlyn, after she is all ready. And man it was difficult to find a picture of her ready that she wasn't texting her soon to be hubby! Oh like the bouquet? Yup, I made that too!

Here is her Daughter Kaylee glued to her DSI

Friday, June 11, 2010

Loonie Stampers Challenge #96

This week Maria gave us some light refreshing color combination. I was inspired by all the backgrounds being made and realized I have not made any in a while so that's what I did. Thanks for the great colors.

I reorganized my craft room a little getting ready to paint and actually made my sewing machine more accessible so I stitched my ribbon on :)

Don't forget to stop in and visit the ladies.....18 more days until I head to Chars and fly out for the Loonie vacation!!!!!!

Dee ~ Regan ~ Maria ~ Char ~ Wendy
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I leave you today with this...A picture of my Puppy Carlie (short for just after her first birthday!

The Carlizzle story: While ready Twilight Saga, my dearest Husband thought the name Carlisle was pronounced Carlizzle. my friend and I had a good laugh fest over that and harassed him all the time. I made the suggestion (jokingly) to call the dog Bella or Alice and then the joke came around to call her Carlizzle and then I said "yeah, we can call her Carlie for short" and it actually suited her!

Friday, June 4, 2010

LSC #94 & #95

First up is this inspirational picture from last week (sorry i'm late) and it really made me think of soft natural colors and flowers of course.

I love using different flowers and stacking them into layers!!!

This weeks Current Challenge from Dee we even get to pick whatever blue color we wanted! So I picked Hawaiian Shores which can float from the category of green or blue IMO.

And the cute little butterfly is a leftover from my bosses wedding the weekend before last (we had them on stiff wire and wrapped around the stems of martini glasses as center to come soon, it was so cool!)

Dont forget to visit the ladies (I will be visiting in person for the first time at the second, hopefully annual, loonies get together in 26 days)
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