Saturday, June 12, 2010

A few Pics...part 1

These are a few favorite pictures from my Boss' Wedding a few weeks ago....

This first one is her 'gettin attitude' at the hair salon. Ya! like she needed anymore! Side note: The Salon is called Attitudes!

I LOVE this next one. It's Marlyn and her Hairdresser, Michael, having a one on one moment...Too cute!

This one is Marlyn and her Momma, Glady's. Whom I am thinking of right now as she struggles with her Husbands losing battle with Cancer.

ETA: Glady's Husband Tom Passed away about an hour ago, so my heart goes out to her and her entire family! :(

Marlyn, after she is all ready. And man it was difficult to find a picture of her ready that she wasn't texting her soon to be hubby! Oh like the bouquet? Yup, I made that too!

Here is her Daughter Kaylee glued to her DSI

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