Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Few Pics...Part 2

Here is the seond installments of or 2 more and I will be done :)

This is the Groom, Sheldon. Such a nice and wonderful man!

Marlyn & Sheldon's First Dance

I love the Creative angle of this picture.
It is Marlyn Dancing with her Best Man & Her brother, Brock

Look Its ME! and the Groom. But seriously? Why didn't someone tell me that stupid scarf around my neck highlights my chins?

HAH This picture was fun. Dean, the bridesmaid behind me looks thrilled,
but she laughed after I swear!

See ya Tomorrow for more pictures....cakes, mmmm!
(psssst..True Blood Fans...are you as excited as I am to start watching season 3 tonight?)

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