Friday, June 11, 2010

Loonie Stampers Challenge #96

This week Maria gave us some light refreshing color combination. I was inspired by all the backgrounds being made and realized I have not made any in a while so that's what I did. Thanks for the great colors.

I reorganized my craft room a little getting ready to paint and actually made my sewing machine more accessible so I stitched my ribbon on :)

Don't forget to stop in and visit the ladies.....18 more days until I head to Chars and fly out for the Loonie vacation!!!!!!

Dee ~ Regan ~ Maria ~ Char ~ Wendy
Don't forget if you play along to link it up in the comments and we will try to pop in and say hello!

I leave you today with this...A picture of my Puppy Carlie (short for just after her first birthday!

The Carlizzle story: While ready Twilight Saga, my dearest Husband thought the name Carlisle was pronounced Carlizzle. my friend and I had a good laugh fest over that and harassed him all the time. I made the suggestion (jokingly) to call the dog Bella or Alice and then the joke came around to call her Carlizzle and then I said "yeah, we can call her Carlie for short" and it actually suited her!


  1. the smiling Husky face...maybe you'll get to meet my little furry monster!!

    great card gf!!

  2. OMG J! That is a frickin' awesome card.

    So funny on the Carlizzle. heehee.

  3. Love the card. I read most of the Loonie girls blogs and star them in google reader so I can go back and try the challenges myself. Right now my craft room is holding my queen bed on it's side. We had hardwood put in bedroom and am waiting for painting.
    Love you puppy, but why are his feet green?

  4. Gorgeous card, love the stitched ribbon!

  5. Oh Jewels, this is wicked! And Carlizzle is tooo cute!

  6. Jewels - this card is amazing! And the puppy...gorgeous:)