Sunday, June 27, 2010

My Escape Route...

Do you have an escape route? What am i talking about, well when everything in life, work, family or any stress at all starts to get to be to much I go to my escape craft room! I love to just go and sit in there and relax. I warn my husband that I am going to disappear and he asks no questions. He knows I need that time to myself and then I just go and sit in there. I will flip through magazines or fiddle on my computer to become inspired and then I just create. My room has been so loyal to me and mu sanity that I decided to give her a makeover!

So enjoy my pics of my recently redone room....

This first picture is my main "station". My desk, which is supposed to be for a computer and what not, but it has a great amount of surface area to work on and also provided a lot of storage. I have plaster walls throughout my whole upstairs of my house so I can not really put up shelves so the extra storage comes in handy. All my do-dads and embellishments and markers, tools etc are tucked into the corner part of the hutch. All my PTI and other clear company sets are in a CD case that is now to small, but I dont think I will be adding to many more sets like these to my collection. Oh you can also see my ribbon hanger thingy, can you believe I always reach for my rolls of ribbon and 90% of the time I forget I have ribbon on there? It has become a decor item, ha!

This is to the right of my Desk, all my ink storage on top is PTI and bottom is SU. I have since taken all my pti inks and put them in a container like the white ones below and I am getting rid of the top ink thingy so i can hang pictures or stamped art instead. i have adjusted my sahelves to fit all my 12 x 12 paper on the bottom. Well I would be lying if I said this was ALL my 12 x 12 paper, I also have 3 of those paper cases accordian style that you can buy from Michaels or Staples

This is to the left of my desk. More storage!!! The ribbon holder my dad made for me back in 2006...LOVE IT!! and then the shelf is full of all my SU stamps that I would LOVE to unmount but really am not that

more know those Michael's cubes are awesome. I may have to retake this picture though because I rearranged everything on this section :D

Can you believe this whole unit (not really a single unit) I put together for a small $85.00? The drawers at the bottom were on sale for $15 each. The three cube shelf things were $10 each...Giant Tiger, I Love As you can see though I need more stuff to put in here...SHOPPING! I did pick up some cute baskets to put in there from Jysk but i need to go back and get more.

Last but not least this is my paper storage (PTI & SU) The holders are SU and the shelf is from Michael's

Thanks for having a peek. WHat do you think, do you like the paint color in my room?


  1. I love it! Green is my fav actually mine is green too!

  2. Man, do you have the storage! Us crafters really do need our private space;D

  3. Jewels!!! It turned out amazing!! I do miss my room, I only have a space in the basement now! I can see why you love going into it!

  4. Oh I love it! What a fun peek into your happy space! Hmmm the color . . . green is supposed to be soothing! So yes, I like it! And all the storage! Wow! I just sneak a corner of the dining room table when I can, but our house is for sale and DH promises me my own happy 'space' once we move so . . . fingers crossed!

  5. It looks great Jewels, and the green is awesome. I hope you had a great time with your Loonies.