Monday, November 30, 2009

My Sympathy x 2

Well it has been a rather sad few days. Two People close to me have lost ones close to them! My heart goes out to them and there young Families!! Here is a card a made for my those friends.

I seriously hate having to make these cards, especially for 29 year olds!

Friday, November 27, 2009

LSC #68

Well well well! Its my week to pick and I choose these beautiful colors!! Then I sat at my desk to start creating and whamo....I got nothing. LOL So this is what I came up with. I may or may not have cheated but I'll never tell!!

As always when stumped I turn to a Lauren Meader template. I love the K & Company papers on this one; a combo of enchanted evening & spring moss colors (and maybe a few more)

Dont forget to check out my ladies!! Than ks for stopping in!

Dee ~ Regan ~ Maria ~ Char ~ Wendy

Friday, November 20, 2009

LSC 67

This week is brought to you by Wendy!!! Her color combo sure was the target of a lot of booing as we all LOVE purple so much...LOL We loves to give a girl a hard time!! I personally am ok with the combo and as a result I like my card too!!

Very simple design...I used my PTI bitty dots papers and a new fiskars scallop edge punch and then made the focal point image with my SB Labels one dies and my Vintage Labels set that just came in the mail....Hoooray!!!

Ok People go visit the ladies !!

Dee ~ Regan ~ Maria ~ Char ~ Wendy

PS.....ITS NEW MOON DAY!!!! But I still have to wait all the way until Sunday night to see it, our theaters were sold out until then...booo So don't tell me anything please!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Loonie Stampers Challenge #66

Well Happy Friday the 13th!!! hehe
So this Friday is Maria's Selection of the Loonie Stampers Challenge and
I LOOOOOOVE it (try to imagine me singing that word) These colors are marvelous!
Thanks Maria!!

Again I have turned to one of Lauren Meader's Templates to get me through this project. By that I mean that I am preparing for a Christmas Craft Show (which I will be at by the time you read this) and so multi tasking is the key! I have made 10 stationary sets like these in different colors that I will be offering to Monogram while they wait!!

I started by stamping my Giga Stamps on the grid paper from Papertrey Ink in My SU Grey (didn't have any soft stone) and also in my Aqua Mist. Then I used the little images from GL 1 & 2 stamped in new leaf and enchanting evening. I have to say I love the grid paper because i just do NOT have the patience needed for stamping the grid myself....LOL

Each set I made has 3 stationary sheets and 6 note cards. There is a monogram circle on each piece of the set ready for me to add an initial.

The 3 photos above are the cards also included in each set. Then of course I have the envelopes and a pen made to match with a few simple knots of ribbon on the lids!! I hope I sell them all!!

Thank you so much for coming in to see me today and
I hope you scoot on over the visit the girls!!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

I will be back...

Just wanted to stop by and let you all know that I will continue with my regular posts as soon as I can. Just finishing up preparation for the craft fair today and I did mean to have all of next week scheduled already but I ended up getting way behind as I had food poisoning from a sandwich I bought. That knocked me out and stole away 3 days of anything for me.....I am much better now and getting caught up.....well sort of.

I also have to drive to Calgary this week to pick up my world traveling mother from the airport so maybe late this week or early next I can share some of her pictures from the Dominican Republic!

Oh and don't forget to come by tomorrow for the LSC!!!
I have a GREAT project scheduled already!!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I Quit, I Quit, I Quit!!!

Smoking that is. After a disgusting 18 years of smoking (yes I am only 30 so insert ashamed face here) I have finally quit. My husband as well. He was visiting some guys her used to work with and he said hey lets go for a smoke and they all said nope we don't smoke. SO they told him about the book Allen Carr's easy way to stop smoking. He went and bought it, read it and quit as soon as he was done the book.
He came into my office and dropped the book on my desk and said I am done. I said oh you are done the book and he replied No I am DONE smoking! So I read the book finished it the following day and I am SO done as well. It is AMAZING that by the time you are done the book your desire to smoke is completely gone. No withdrawls, no crabbyness, no urge to eat and cause weight gain. Nothing but easy sailing. I have tried to quit many times before and never successfully I have NEVER quit until now!

So if you smoke....PEOPLE GO BUY THE BOOK ITS $20 and SO WORTH IT!!!! I have been quit for 7 days today and my DH for 9 days! Thanks for letting me share my accomplishment with you today!!


Aww! isnt he cute? I have had this stamp for quite a while now and I just have not used him. So this is the first time 'ol Prancer has seen ink. Speaking of ink, I accidentally left the lid off my oure poppy ink pad last night...Damn! This dry out reallu quick with out the lid....I guess I will be adding a reinker to my cart once PTI gets them in :)

Monday, November 9, 2009


Kind of a boring card but hey I had to try the ruffles with my ribbon and I likes it!!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

My Dead Cheerleader...

and her "Tender Heart" Kid Sister!! They were both extremely excited to go out trick or treating!

Here is the dead Cheer Leader with her Gothic Fairy BFF!! These girls are 4 months apart and have known each other forever since their moms have been friends for 16 years!

This is how McKenzie starts to haul her treats! It was getting to heavy that she couldn't hang on to it any more....But because her sister was still treating she had as well. Everything her sister does she has to do too. You know the story!

Here she is again with the bag a little bit fuller...and I have to admit she did good. She FILLED the bag full. People were giving her 2 and 3 HANDFULS of stuff at almost every door. Perhaps they were just bored while she asked every house if they had a dog and what kind and what is its name etc was pretty funny!

and this is what happens when you drag a bag of goodies down the street for an hour...Momma gets to carry the cub back to the truck! Of Course Curtis was giggling behind me because it looked so funny!

Thanks for peeking in today! I will have more crafty goodness Soon!!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Holiday Treats for you

This is another cookie bag that I made. Thursday's post I mentioned I was doing bag and card sets, but I have also decided to make just the bags. The best part about these is that I use mostly scraps to make them. How perfect is that? Yikes 6 days left until the craft Fair (although I am sure you will be seeing the projects from it for a while yet)

Thanks for stopping by!! See you tomorrow!

Friday, November 6, 2009

LSC 65 Blog Hop - Happy Birthday Char

Welcome to a special Birthday edition of the Loonie Stampers Weekly Friday Challenge! This week was Charlene's Birthday so we are all honoring her and wishing her a happy birthday. After you check out my card go wish the Birthday girl a happy birthday!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHAR!!! I hope we surprised you and I sincerely hope that you had a SUPER birthday (her birthday was on Tuesday). Please visit all the Loonies and our special Birthday Blog Hop Friends to see what they made for Char......Now I have to get this puppy in the mail Stat!

and our guests...

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Holiday Treats Bag

For the craft show I have coming up (which is just over a week away) I am making card and cookie bag sets that people can buy to put there own baking in. My friend Sarah is also joining me at the craft fair with her wonderful homemade cookies so we are hoping we can encourage people to buy the bags and place orders for closer to Christmas with her......Now I have to get back to work because I want to have at least 50 of these babies ready to go!

Thanks for peeking in today! See you tomorrow for the Loonie Stampers Challenge!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Spring Note Card Set

Here is another note card set. I LOVE making these. They are so fast and still looks elegant at the end. Laurens templates are killer!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Leftover Scraps #1

This is a leftover card...from a notecard set that I made. I love saving everything to make cards and things later....don't you? Thanks for peeking in today, see you all again soon!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Warm Winter Stitches

er...I mean wishes. Sorry I couldn't help myself. I whipped out the sewing Machine my Bestest Friends bought me for my 30th Birthday and decided to sew this one on. I should do it more often cause I am almost out f the glue I use and the walmart and the michaels here hardly ever have any.... anyone in Calgary or Edmonton that wanna do some shopping for me soon? I kid. I will make it to the craft show, only 2 weeks left..I am freaking out a little.

Thanks for peeking in.....Look at that I have 5 new followers...Hi new followers!!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Mini Angel

I made 10 of these to sell as a set for the Christmas Craft Show! I have had these little Quickutz Angels assembled forevah! 'Bout time I used them up! That seems to be a theme for me this year, I am REALLY using a lot of the stuff I have been hoarding. Maybe if I use up enough stuff it will be easier to rearrange my room and buy more.....LOL

Thanks for peeking in! I hope your little ones had a blast yesterday trick or treating...I will be posting pictures of mine soon...