Sunday, November 8, 2009

My Dead Cheerleader...

and her "Tender Heart" Kid Sister!! They were both extremely excited to go out trick or treating!

Here is the dead Cheer Leader with her Gothic Fairy BFF!! These girls are 4 months apart and have known each other forever since their moms have been friends for 16 years!

This is how McKenzie starts to haul her treats! It was getting to heavy that she couldn't hang on to it any more....But because her sister was still treating she had as well. Everything her sister does she has to do too. You know the story!

Here she is again with the bag a little bit fuller...and I have to admit she did good. She FILLED the bag full. People were giving her 2 and 3 HANDFULS of stuff at almost every door. Perhaps they were just bored while she asked every house if they had a dog and what kind and what is its name etc was pretty funny!

and this is what happens when you drag a bag of goodies down the street for an hour...Momma gets to carry the cub back to the truck! Of Course Curtis was giggling behind me because it looked so funny!

Thanks for peeking in today! I will have more crafty goodness Soon!!