Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Laying a rose

Just a brief post today (er...this morning I mean) I meant to come in and post this first part yesterday but ended up with too many other things on my plate for the day.

Sunday is the day. What day? It's usually the day of the week that I go to "visit" my Dad at the cemetary. I almost always go on Sundays because it was his regular day off and I used to bring the girls over to Mom & Dad's to visit. This particular Sunday was the 7 month anniversary of the day he passed away and so I brought a red rose (which he loved) where I normally bring a white one. I don't know why, I guess perhaps it is because my brothers and I were represented in the funeral flower arrangement with 4 white roses. But he did LOVE the red ones. So here is to a new year, a new day to hopefully keep moving forward and to continue doing things I know he would have been proud of and to still spending some sundays with my Daddy.

On another note: Bi-polar disorder. My mother and one brother are diagnosed with BPD and what an uphill battle. As a family on a whole we do pretty good, but I can't help but have complete admiration for my S-I-L. She has been strong, understanding, tolerate and eager to know all their is to know in order to help my brother. I honestly don't know how she does it. I consider myself a strong person when it comes to emotional things but I don't know that I could be the kind of outstanding person she is. With that, my Brother is in Hospital again as of this evening and I really hope all will be well. I am just glad that he (they) are to a point where they recognize the signs and the need to seek immediate professional treatment through the highs and lows.

Strong thoughts of my Bro & my Dad...I love 'em both so much!
G'nite ~Jewels

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