Thursday, February 7, 2008

Anxiously waiting & exciting PTI News

Well I don't have much today as I have a ton of things to do, including helping my mom get ready to go to Hawaii! I wish I was going...LOL anywho, My thoughts today are this. When you order a stamp set from a company online on January 19th and as of February 7th they have still not shipped it, How mad would you be? I recieved an email from them saying (and this is just a snippet of the email) "It just takes me longer to ship all Canadian orders since it is a special trip to the post office as well as all the paperwork that I have to fill out for each one" Ok. However almost one month since the order was placed and yet lots of other companies, big or small, manage to have way better customer service. Note to Self: that when I finally, if ever, recieve my order from EP I will not be shopping there again.

Next! BIG NEWS!!! DID YOU READ NICHOLE'S BLOG TODAY???? OMG PTI is coming out with there own custom cardstock, ribbon & ink!! How exciting is that!?! I Just recieved a package of her white cardstock and it is by far the BEST on the market. SO no more flimsy cheap cardstock that doesn't hold very good. Her cardstock is so good in fact you hae to score it to fold it. Now that is GREAT paper and I can not wait to order some in her custom colors. (not to mention the matching ink and ribbon...and we all know I definitely NEED more ribbon >>insert rolling eyeballs here<<<) Anywho, those are the thoughts I leave you with today and don't forgot to go check out Nichole's Blog!

Have a great day!!


  1. No way, I need more ribbon too!!! Must have read our minds :)

  2. hehe...did you look? It is so purdy!! Oh and still highly recommend the SU ribbon...worth the money compared to sch-michaels for sure!!

  3. Yes, but you are going to have to get in line behind me baby! heehee.

  4. I challenge you to a "fight to the death" ok well maybe just a fight to the line!! I hope they dont have any crashing