Monday, February 18, 2008

It's a Jungle.... my Diningroom!! Well, ok only for an afternoon. It was a SUPER day. I will admit though, Sarah and I were very busy ladies but it was all so worth it. The following are all the pictures of the Baby Shower done in a jungle theme for my Bestest friend ever, Melissa. We have been friends for over 25 years (and we are only 28) was overjoyed to hear she was pregnant and having a baby and could not wait to throw the best baby shower ever! My friend Sarah, A very accomplished and talented baker, also jumped on board to help. Thanks Sarah. Enjoy the pictures!!

^^This picture is of the table decoration before we added all the food. I gathered up all my bamboo plants to create a "jungle" on the table and added a little Charactor by covering up the different vases with a fuzzy tiger print fabric. Then I made some animals that matched the shower invitations I made in a previous post. I also used an exclusive Monkey Die from Quickutz that I recieved as a gift from my friend Candy that I met in Hamilton last November. They can be seen swinging in the trees! Thanks Candy!!

And here is all the food!! (of which i still have a bunch in my fridge...LOL) Of course we have a divine cake made by Sarah, which I will talk about with the next picture, but we also have: A spinach dip made in a french Bread loaf (kinda looked like a log) Then Sarah also made some heavenly Cheesecake bars, and my word!! They are delicious. We also had, cupcakes, meat & Cheese, fruit in fruit rinds as containers, fresh coconut (thanks to Curtis, a sledgehammer and a chisel we got it open) I used half the coconut Shell for a great fruit dip that sarah made, which tasted great with the fresh fruit and the Animal clever!! Oh and I also made a Sangria Punch...mmmmmmmmm. Would be great as a martini with Vodka, right Marlyn?? the Cake!! Another fine peice of work. High Five Sarah, it turned out great!! Can you believe the work on that thing? It is all stars on the cake and everyone LOVED it! still can not fathom the work that goes in to such a cake. Wow!!

This last picture I am sharing with you is of the Candy dish I made to also match the invitations that were made for this event. 16 invitations later I didnt think I would want to use the set again, but it was actually quite fun to make. Inside the candy dish are some yummy hersheys nuggets stamped with Limitless labels stamp set from Papertrey Ink. Love that set!

So thats it, until the next time. Sarah and I have another baby shower to get ready for in about 3 weeks? Hmm Have to check the date again, but this next one is going to be a sailor, beachy theme for her Brother's wife Amiee and I will for sure share the pics with you as well.

So for those of you readers from Alberta, I hope you are having a terrific family day. Although my hubby had to work today we are still planning a nice relaxing family dinner tonight. Some quality time with those people in our lives that matter the most, what can be better then that?

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