Friday, September 18, 2009

LSC #58

This weeks challenge was to be inspired by this mine may be a stretch but I am preparing for a wedding and being crafty. The wedding is a fall theme and the red combined with the cute little ghosts makes me think her is my project.

As you can see I have to multi task so instead of giving you nothing I thought I would share the Wreath I made for behind the head table! I hope the Bride LOVES it. And here is a fall themed wedding card....

Dont forget to see what the ladies did...

Speaking of ladies I get the pleasure of having Lunch with 2 of them today (Char & Wendy) since I am in Calgary.....weeeee!


  1. stretch or not..its really pretty....
    have fun at lunch!

  2. The wreath is gorgeous!! Of course she will love it.

  3. You made that wreath...and didn't bring me one at lunch!! Love it, better than what you can find at Michaels! Love was wicked, so glad I got to see you and put a face to your craziness! LOL

  4. Wow that's one gorgeous wreath! You always do awesome stuff w/fall colors. And that card is wicked, too. All that ribbon on an 'da woman!