Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Creep-tacular Wedding Card

Well I said yesterday that I was going to start sending Christmas cards on to the blog but I forgot about this unique little card. SO lets get it out of the way before we see more tinsel and glitter and holiday Cheer!

This, THIS my friends, is a wedding card! I know! Ok...get up off the floor now. the couple this card was custom ordered for had a corpse bride wedding.....uh huh!

I also helped the purchaser (my good friend Sarah the baker) make the chocolate fudge topping that we made look like drips running off the fondant...I will see if I can share a picture of that soon.

Thanks for visiting today! This commercial break from Christmas Cards was brought to you by "Strange Weddings"....LOL I kid! Unique is the term ;)


  1. I freakin love this! I forgot I had that web and just used it on my card! Thanks girl!

  2. I have friends who were married on Halloween and had a Nightmare Before Christmas wedding. It was awesome.