Saturday, September 5, 2009

My Girls

This is McKayla on her first day of school

This is McKenzie the morning of her birthday. This is her "three year old girl pose" as she calls it

Kenzie chillin in her party dress, Thanks Gramma the dress was the best!!

Kenzie showing her excitment for a leather jacket from her uncle! The first thing she said (moments after this picture) was "Oh my gosh, now I have to get a brand new motobike like Daddy" LOL so funny!

The aftermath: McKenzie was thrilled, tired, wired, covered in icing but I am happy to report she still wants motorbike to go with her leather jacket. Daddy is gonna have to talk her down from that one cause all I have to say is Hell No!


  1. seriously...they are gorgeous!

  2. So cute, but your little one looks like she just might be a rebel;). And the picture of your older dau is so sweet. I have taken a picture of my son on the first day of school every year. In the younger years he was keen and smiley with his back pack on, now (at 13) I just get the "let's get this over with" look.