Friday, March 12, 2010

LSC #82 & 83 Updated

So here is an updated picture of my invitation sample as I stated in my previous post (I have to stop trying take pictures at night...or redo my DIY Lightbox) I also added the text to give a better idea of the finished product. :)

I have adopted a new way of presenting samples to my customers. I always get there info and print on Vellum so we can seee the text on each style with out having to print on all of them. It just turns out to be such a waste of paper...Anyway I did have to blank out the names of my current Customers as this is their real verse. I cant wait to show you the invite set that they did pick (its not this one)

Thanks for stopping by and have a super day...Now I have to run off to a Charity Gala thingy. WE HAVE ALREADY RAISED $12,000 and we have not even started the event. I am SO excited!!! Have a great weekend!

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