Thursday, March 18, 2010

My new Storage

I got rid of some odd and ends furniture I was using in my craft room. I "donated" it to ny Daughters for there "house" downstairs. I went to Giant Tiger a few weeks ago and found the drawers, which are actually supposed to be bedside tables (for elves I think because they are quite small) They also had the three tier skinny shelves for $10 each. So last night I finally put everything together and had the DH help me carry the other things downstairs...... Now to repaint and move around everything else. LOL

The drawers are completely full of my punches, which I love. It is closer then it used to be and way more organized. One other thing that is my fav, I had these jars from the dollar store in order to store my PTI buttons separately and hated that in order to store them and display each color it took up loads of room. So now I stacked them on there sides in one of the cubes (top row second cube from the left)

Thanks for stopping in tonight, see you all tomorrow for a fun-infused Loonie Stampers Challenge!!


  1. WOW!!!!! That is amazing storage. So fresh and organized! I think I have those same dollar store jars for my buttons and I agree....they take up too much room.

  2. I love it and went looking for these but no luck.... :(!