Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Christmas PAR-TAY!!!!

Each Year one of my close friends (who luckily lives with in crawling distance from my house) throws a Christmas party for all our friends and a few family members as well. Traditionally each year I make the invites and she writes a funny Christmas poem for the inside.... Here are the cards that I made 10 of in less them an hour.

and last but not least here is this years poem... (no one invited reads this blog except me and the author hehehe)

A Christmas Invitation
is probably what you need.
A martini sure will help
bring you to your knees.

We've made our guest list,
and checked it twice....
You're invited and
we can't wait to hear
whether you've been
naughty or nice!!

So come once again
to the Quinton household,
On December the 19th
some memories will unfold!

Come jingle and jangle,
'round about eight
We'll help you put on
your Christmas weight!!!

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