Friday, April 9, 2010

Loonie Stampers Challenge #87

Welcome to another exciting Loonie Stampers Challenge!
This week was Char's selections and I LOVE this combo.

I decided to let the colors speak for themselves this week and kept it simple, you know K.I.S.S. Anyway, I have been tired lately of the same old standard card size so i cut and scored this one to be a 4.5 square. I layered my flowers and stamped my image and then did a horrible job marking out faux stitch lines...Next time I try something like this I may just sew it for real. But I made this card in the evening (Thursday) and used the light of my charged laptop as out power was out. We had a BLIZZARD?! Yeah, I know what you are thinking and I agree, WTH???

Anywho the powere is back (for now) and I may need to redo the picture tomorrow. Lets go check out the ladies ......

Dee ~ Regan ~ Maria ~ Char ~ Wendy


  1. eeeew. a blizzard..that sucks bigtime but the card is fantastic!!!

  2. Beautiful but girl your weather sucks!

  3. Excellent card girl!

  4. So pretty!

    I didn't have any power outage in my neighborhood thankfully. So happy you didn't light any of that cardstock on fire with your candle. haha.

  5. Yeah...saw that email...blizzard in April?!? Holy crap, Jewels:) Love the card - as Randy on American Idol says, "you worked it out!"

  6. Hi Loonie Girls!
    Absolutely BEAUTIFUL Cards! Love this color combo, I want to play so this is my card:

    Thanks for the inspiration!!


  7. That weather was awful hey, but your card is beautiful!!!!!

  8. Great color combo and beautiful cards! Here is mine: