Friday, May 14, 2010

LSC #92

Wow can you believe we are up to #92 in challenges??
Anywho, I made this one up and I am amazed I have Orange in there again. I used to proclaim that I hated orange. I picked these colors though due to my last Papertrey order; I had ordered more paper in these three colors and I took them out of the box and threw them down on my desk and instantly said "oh those colors would look cool together" so here they are.

It was nice to have a moment in my craft room to make this card. Things have been stupid busy for me, both jobs are busy, my boss for my main job is getting married in 9 more days, and to top it all off I had some health issues last week so I have had several Doctors appointments...blah. So I hope everyone's weeks has been better and more relaxed. I also hope you all get into your craft rooms and play with these colors.

Lets go peek at what the ladies did in their craft rooms!
Dee ~ Regan ~ Maria ~ Char ~ Wendy
Don't forget if you play along to link it up in the comments and we will try to pop in and say hello!


  1. Love it!!

    Sorry to hear you're under the's cuz you are over doing it and need to RELAX once in a while!!!

  2. Hey, you ok??? The card is hot girl but your health is more important!