Monday, August 16, 2010

It Started with this...

This image is where it all started.
While on the Loonies Vaca Last month, we went to the Bella Store and I bought this cute little image and later that day when we were back at the retreat I used some of Regan's prisma colors and she taught me how to use them! I am SOOOOOO in love with prismas now and the girls heard me say that enough times that they are probably all rolling their eyes now.

Of course I had to make this cute little critter into a GREAT card!
Maybe it will go postal soon *wink*

here is the pretty inside!

thanks for peeking in today...hope everyone is having a super summer


  1. shut up about the prismas already!!! (KIDDING:) Seriously though...absolutely love this one, Jewels.

  2. bwahahahahahaha...yep....I am such an enabler!

    u did great