Friday, February 11, 2011

Loonie Stampers Challenge Double Whammy!!

Well I am feeling much better since my last post. Seriously coughing so hard I thought I was gonna be 31 years old with depends! Anyway, Thanks go out to Crafty Kat and Dee for the well wishes for a speedy recovery, Kat you cracked me up! Thanks.

Now back to business...Here is my card from last weeks challenge. It was not what I had planned but I only have access to part of my craft room and a limited amount of supplies since my house JUST finished having insurance claim repairs done to my ceilings and paint in my whole house. Given the limited supplies, I have to say I am quite in love with this card :)


The current weeks challenge today (from Dee) I wanted to use my new paper from Stampin Up! so I used it to make a wrinkly paper flower. Also i used some ribbon (twine type stuff) that I have been hanging on to. I thought it added a rustic yet elegant twist to the flower...pearls adding to the vintage factor and voila!

Check out what the other chicks did this week

Here is a sneaky peek (and crappy picture) of my new wall colors, think stampin ups crumb cake and chocolate chip ;) Once I get all my pictures mounted and get better pictures I will show you guys the before and after. Still cant sign off on the insurance claim yet because the drywall guy sucks and has to redo quite a few areas of my ceiling.


  1. First the cards, OMG!!! Love the second one's flower, very nice!! Second, the paint is almost exactly the same as my house, really!!! Third, I hope you are feeling better...take a shot of tequila, it always helps me!

  2. love these both...the walls looks amazing..makes me want chocolate...hmmmmmm