Monday, December 15, 2008

My Girls.....again!

Here are some pictures of girls....Mostly decorating and being the Drama Queens that they are...Seriously How could I have ever said I would never have kids when I was younger?
This Is my Youngest McKenzie.....shortly after I busted her getting into the crafty things on the table. And yes, that is the look she gives me when she KNOWS she is busted!
And here is both McKayla & McKenzie decorating the tree.

McKenzie pretty much anchored herself in this spot decorating "her" spot.

...and i think she did good. Funny thing is I have a picture that looks almost identical from last year that McKayla did...LOL
Last, but not least, my girls present the tree but at this point I didn't care what the tree looked like, I mean look how cute and loving these sisters are!!!

Have a great day and I will see you again soon!!


  1. OMG Jewels, they are adorable! And I feel the same way about Joely, can't imagine my life without her!

  2. I thought of last years photo when I saw the ornament one - that was pretty cute :)

  3. Wonderful idea-but could you please tell me how you did the BASE of the cards..did you use an
    8" piece of paper and run it through the machine twice then fold in half at the top??

    Thanks for you help

    Donna Brown

  4. Your daughters are just adorable and how fun having them decorate the tree! How can you not just hug them all day long!?!?!