Saturday, December 13, 2008

Teacher's Christmas

Teachers are such a giant role in the lives of our children and set such wonderful foundations of life in out children, they should all be treated like royalty, right? Well I know all the lovey dovey, wonderful words of wisdom can be set aside in the case of my Daughter's Kindergarten teacher (not because she is not wonderful because she is for SURE) She however deserves special treatment because She too has to listen to my Daughter's none stop talking. LOL And she really does talk a lot (She gets it from her Dad, really....I swear! Ok fine it comes from me)
Anyways, back to the subject...this is the gift basket I made for her. It turns out I was extra inspired thanks to my Great Friend Char explaining to me in a better way, how to make awesome Christmas Ornaments and finding out that the Teacher has the same Christmas colors as me. So this is the basket which I later also made a tin to match that my BF Sarah filled with her delicious Christmas baking and we presented it to her together a few nights ago at the School's Christmas Concert.

So, do you see that box in the back center of the basket? Well the details on that will be coming on Monday. We Loonie Stampers have a special post for you tomorrow and then I will let you see it...LOL


  1. Ok...I'm dying to see what you did! I'm only vaguely able to remember what I mailed you, but it seems you've knocked it out of the park!

  2. HOLY SCHMOLEY! Now that is some basket of goodness. Did she freak out or what? Your glitter ornaments look great.