Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Little Orange For Ya!

For this card I trimmed the base of the card front around the scalloped portion instead of having a basic card, I kind of like it! Crocheted flowers of course! These one My Mom actually made.
That's it for today, I have a book to get back to. Yes, it is Twilight....I knew you were gonna ask!
See you tomorrow!


  1. ORANGE!! OMGosh it's gorgeous. Love the journal page. I have some but not in orange! Wanna swap some colors??? Love love love it.

    And they sucked you in to Twilight too?? I am going to be the only one out of the loop now!!!

  2. ok first of all great card...second- welcome to the dark side biaaatch!! mwahahaha

  3. Love the scalloped front, and I am all about the it. Like Char I am a slow convert to the Twilight phenom.

  4. Love the Orange! Very cute card:) Reading the Twilight series is way better than seeing the movie. I read all 4 books, then saw the movie twice. Now I want to start reading the whole series all over again. It's awesome! Enjoy:)