Saturday, January 30, 2010

Help for Haiti...long post

After such total distruction and a massive loss of life in the country of Haiti, people around the world are pooling their money together in an effort to help! I am so proud, as a parent, to have a child that wants to help. I think the chance to teach our children that money is not everything to us but, could be to more unfortunate people and children around the world is a wonderful lesson that even some adults have not learned.

McKayla's Elementary school, along with several others in this city, are finding ways to help in the efforts. They spent last week having the Kindergarten to grade 6 children making red and blue ribbons (the colors of Haiti's flag) in order to sell for $1. So earlier today McKayla and I took our turn selling the pins at the local Wal-Mart store. They let us set up tables at each entrance to the store in order to do so. Shockingly enough the list of Students and Parents that volunteered was very low compared to the amount registered at the school. (I believe there were 24 students, 16 families and there are around 100 students at the school)

Anyway, here is a link to our local newspaper that did a bit of an article with all the different school fundraisers going on....READ ARTICLE HERE (The name of my Daughter's school is Riverside) As mentioned in the article, Riverside is also having a Penny Drive in order to raise more money for the Red Cross (relief for Haiti) so all the following pictures are of McKayla and all the Pennies we have.

This is our pile of pennies that we dumped our of the stein we had been saving them in, Yeah there is HUNDREDS of them here.

Here is McKayla super excited to start counting them!

After a "wee" bit of help from Mom and Dad (any after washing the gross black dirt off our hands) Here is the Pile that she is ready to donate. Also A very good friend of mine contributed $15.50 of rolled pennies so McKayla will be donating $42 of rolled pennies to the school tomorrow!!!

I sure do hope that many people realize, like our children realize that we ALL need to do something to help! Your favorite charities and fundraisers will still be there after we all do what we can to help Haiti.

For more information on how you can help donate and also get other information such as disaster management, finding family and loved ones etc... visit the Canadian Red Cross at THIS LINK!

More places to Donate:
Wyclef Jean's Yele Haiti
Unicef Canada
World Vision Canada

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