Friday, January 15, 2010

Loonie Stampers Challenge!!!!

Ok, SERIOUSLY......Do you not just love these colors together?
My God Char....they are BRILLIANT! So obviously it was Chars turn this week to select the challenge and I Loooooove it (imagine I was singing that cause I did)

I stitched on my ribbon, punched out shapes in our three colors, stamped the sentiments on them and then stuck them to the card with foam dots. Then I stamped my other hideous sentiment. I really don't like how it turned but whatevah!!! Last i added the buttons in between my crooked words...LOL I think I may have to have a do over with these colors...

|Go visit the ladies to see what they made, I for one am super excited to see what they did (those gals always amaze me ya'll)

Please go visit the ladies to see what they did!!!
Dee ~ Regan ~ Maria ~ Char ~ Wendy

This is what I did Friday :( My baby is sick (hopefully just a 24 hour flu thing) but I thought I would share the picture. I was amazed with this picture because she is normally such I light sleeper, in three years I have almost never seen her sleep. She has to be in her room, lights out, door closed. As soon as you even think of opening the door she is awake so I am treasuring this cute picture!!


  1. ok so the card is great but that adorable photo of your daughter overshadows it...LOL

  2. LOL---cute picture! What a doll.

    You did a GREAT job with the colours and I love all the stamped sentiments.

  3. No I didnt love the colours..but you didn't have any problems with them!!

  4. I love your card jewels, the sewing rcoks! Ah there is nothing more precious that a sick baby :)