Tuesday, October 12, 2010

McSisters Pictures 2010

So last year I had these pictures done and this year I asked the same friend Photographer to do them again. My girls absolutely love her and it sure shows through the pictures. They also just love each other so much and that you can see as well.

I hope you enjoy the little preview (with more to come soon) of the McSister Pictures 2010 featuring Mckyala (6) and McKenzie (4)

Here is the girls playing in the leaves, What kid doesn't enjoy that?

My mischievous little devil, McKenzie.
Looks like she is plotting something right now!

..and the girls climbing up a tree! There are a few more but you will just have to wait to see them, don't worry so do I!


  1. mccgorgeous...seriously such beautiful girls

  2. Your girls are model material! They are so Abercrombie and Fitch!!!