Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Rock My Socks

I received this cute & fun award the other day from a blogging buddy, Julia from Create With Me. Check out her blog she does some FANTASTIC stuff. Thanks Julia for the award. I now get to pick 6 blogs that inspire me.

So check out these gals and there great blogs!!

Geny at Madison Avenue

Melissa at Just Dandy

Jess at The Whimsical Butterfly

Charlene at Willow & Paisley Hey Chicky!!!

And the neighbors Dee & Regan What up girls!!

There are so many greats out there that I could probably go on forever but here are my pics today. Thanks for peeking!!


  1. Ah thanks girl... I put you on mine too but forgot to tell you and Char! LOL

  2. too kind! awe shucks!!!

    lets get these challenges going!!!!

  3. aw! I did'nt see this til just now...I was out of town. Thanks! you TOTALLY rock!