Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Spring Seed Packets

Every Month My Friend Sarah arranges a basket for the local Sylvan Learning Center to use as a raffle. She bakes and decorates amazing cookies, My friend Tanis makes the most adorable chocolates and I always do a card and some sort of paper project. We all stay within the theme of the month. This month was obviously for Mother's Day and since we are only just getting around to having spring I thought Seed packets would be super cute....SO I did a couple sets and here they are!
This packet is adorned with 2 of my new colors of Crocheted Flowers. The blue is completely new and the Goldenrod Yellow is a slightly brighter version of the yellow I ran out of a few months ago.

On each of the sets the band just slides on and off but works perfectly to keep the packet tidy and closed for great presentation.

Thanks for stopping to check out my blog today. Remember, if you would like some flowers you can always check out my Etsy Store or you can EMAIL ME for a price list and color samples to make a custom order!!!


  1. Gorgeous girl... these are awesome!

  2. Great idea! These are beautiful.

  3. Crap, these rock too! Those flowers make everything perfect!