Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Well hello everyone! I hope everyone had a great and wonderful Summer. I had a pretty good one. Great friends, New Deck and backyard landscaping done this summer and because of that we enjoyed MANY barbeque's at our house. Now that school is back in and BOTH my girls are in school I seem to have an entirely empty schedule so i am hoping to spend as much time crafting as I can. For now I am going to play catch up with all the things  I made this summer but didn't get around to posting.

Starting with this little card. I think it is my Favorite one of the summer!!
Thanks for stopping in, I will be back tomorrow with a back to school project (inspired to post because of the Loonies Stampers back to school challenge) :)


  1. well this is too cute

    Regs- your blog wont let me log

  2. BOTH girls are in school?!! Did you cry? Sounds like you had a great summer!

  3. Hey, I love this! It is too cute! Summer has been great hey but I heard too hot down there!! Old Med Hat!

  4. And both are in school???? Just wait till they turn 14....then boys and make-up and boys....oiy!!!