Monday, September 1, 2008

Mi Vida Loca!

My Crazy Life! It has been so hectic and crazy around here lately, more then you can probably even believe. We kinda missed out on our Daughter's 2nd Birthday (more like postponed) My DH is getting ready for a week long fishing trip with his Dad, School is starting up, I have a couple new contracts & Meetings for work, My Mom is in the hospital and I got to buy a headstone for my Father's grave all in less then a week. I am tired, stressed and grumpy! I just wanted to pop in to say I will be back with some posting soon. Especially by Friday for the next Chapter of Loonie Stamper's Challenge, a couple cards I made while visiting with Char and hopefully I get a chance to play with some of the great goodies I bought when she took me shopping. I may even share with you the one good thing from this week....My friends stagette and the ridiculous outfit we made her wear! LOL!
I hope everyone had (or is having) a great long weekend!! See you again soon.
BTW...HOLY is SEPTEMBER and starting to get chilly round here...bye bye Summer! :(


  1. Take a deep breath and don't worry about us...we'll all be here - patiently waiting for your new creations whenever you are able to get to them :-)

  2. feelin your pain missy. wish i lived closer 'cause we could go out and purge our moods with some chocolate and some retail therapy. and maybe stomp our feet and have a good bi**h session!