Monday, September 22, 2008

Fall Themed Gift Idea (October GSS entry)

Just a warning: This is gonna be a long one...LOL so :)
My friend Tanis is getting married in less then two weeks and we (Sarah & I) had the honor of throwing her bridal shower on Sunday. It was a great party! We made spinach dip, pumpkin fluff dip, fruit trays, meat cheese & crackers, little cream cheese on crackers with salsa & cheddar, caramel chocolate cheesecake and best of all apple cranberry cider made from scratch (yeah Sarah rocked that one). We played some great games and laughed way to much! Anyway, I needed a gift and started off making her 25 thank you cards and decided to go with some home made packaging as well all to match the wedding invitations I made for her as seen in THIS post. (mostly because I forgot to pick something up) :)

I started with a box from the Dollar Giant (a whole dollar per box). This is the lid. I basically left it alone because the thickness of paper would not have allowed me to cover both the box and lid, Lucky for me the cranberry color on the top goes along with her color theme. I tried out Lauren's Scallop Blossom idea and completely LOVE it! The sentiment in the middle is from the Favor it Weddings set (PTI).

Here is the lined box. I used Vintage Cream Card stock and covered the box first (to make sure it was actually going to work) Once that was done, I stamped the gerb from Floral Frenzy around the outside in alternating colors. I would have used the PTI colors but I had to do the colors to match what I used on her invitations. Anyway, I then wrapped some divine Dark Chocolate Satin Ribbon around the box and made the inside inserts to match.

Next I was in Michael's and had found by accident these cute little metal leaf shaped candle plates and HAD to get them (given the whole fall theme). I used the Tutorial on SCS to stamp on the candles and it turned out great. At the last minute I decided to add their names and date of wedding to the center candle. She liked these so much that they are going on the head table for the wedding. Yeah!

A little close up view for you! I have to say...MAN those PTI Simple Alphabet stamps are so teeny tiny but come in so handy for things like this!!!

...Finally, this is what I did to wrap the candles. See that fabulous ORANGE you see it CHAR? Yes it is THAT ribbon. the one you love so much from Michael's and i have to agree it IS really nice, even if it is orange!

Well Thanks for reading along with me for so long, but I at least hope you enjoyed reading or viewing. I will be submitting this to the October GSS at Papertery Ink since it has been a while since I did anything for those special folks!!


  1. Jewels!!!!!!! This is drop dead gorgeous. I am sure she LOVED it. The inside of that box is so great!

    And I love the new look of the blog. I am thinking Black Market paper inspired???

  2. wow- what an amazing project!!! Your GF must have loved it, I know I would have.

    New look on the blog is SAWEET TOO!!!

  3. Gorgeous! You blow me away girl!

  4. holy crap this set is awesome! and I'm lovin' the new look, too.

  5. what super projects! I LOVE the box and beautiful candle - what fun leaves under the candles too!

  6. OHMYGOSH!!!!!! GORGEOUS!!!!!!! Holy smokes! Look at those candles!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!

  7. These are stunning! What a fabulous idea!

  8. Gorgeous! I love all of it - I thought the paper was patterned paper you did such a good job! Now I need to go order that set.

  9. This is gorgeous, Jewels! I love those flowers, the candles, the box, the colors, etc! Definitely a winner! Good luck!