Thursday, July 17, 2008

Wedding Invitations

So a while back I mentioned I was working on wedding invitation samples for a friend. After we tweaked a few things here and there, we came to the final product and had a go ahead. So after much printing, cutting, stamping, gluing ...Here they are!

These particular stacks of invitations contain 80 completed invitations, RSVP cards, Reception cards, registry cards (from the store not stamped) and they are all ready to be put together with envelopes. Sarah, Tanis and I sat around for a couple of hours doing that and got it all done.

This is the inside of the invitation. I took this photo awhile ago before we actually printed the test. For privacy purposes I can not show you the actual finished result. But we ended up printed in a cranberry color down the right hand side and had a bit of room left over at the bottom so I carried the leaves across the bottom as well. We had ivory linen envelopes that we order in bulk from a US company. The RSVP card, envelope, and all the little cards fit into the side pocket.

So in the future should I do a style like this again I will be charging $5.00 per completed & assembled set. Love the result and I am sure all her friends and family Will be thrilled to see these in their mailboxes.


  1. Wow Jewels they are beautiful and man r there a lot of them! This week I am working on 3 samples for a bride! I am very excited!
    Wish me luck!

  2. What a beautiful wedding invitation set Jewels! love the colors of the leaf stem inking! very nice job! a lot of work though huh!!??!!

  3. Nice stuff girl- are your hands cramped to death??

    These are gorgeous- great warm fall colours!!

  4. Wow Jewels, your invites are truely stunning!! I love the colors :-) and I can see why your leaf branch stamp is looking so worn!!

    I also love that you and the others have started the loonie club!! What a great idea and a great logo!! Now, if only I owned all the PTI colored cs, I could play along. You guys might be inspiration enough to make me HAVE to order it all :-) Just don't tell hubby :-)

  5. Jewwwwweeellllsss! These are fantastic. Way to go girl. Now stop being so busy! LOL. And tell Donelda to order some PTI paper...she doesn't know what she's missing. haha.

  6. Wow you have been busy girl!! The invites are fantastic you did such a great job!! Thanks for sharing!!-Erica

  7. Those are fantastic! You can really see how hard you worked.