Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Canada Day BBQ Pictures

Well we had a GREAT day and jam packed with loads of fun. I am so tired and just need to hill out for a bit, watch the end of Hell's Kitchen and then off to bed. So here are some of the shots from my camera. am hoping to have more from Justin's Camera. (I KNOW he got some great ones but my laptop wouldn't read the card until I rebooted it and they had to get running so we did not miss the fireworks) So enjoy an see you all again soon.

The picture on the left is my wonderful Husband Curtis who needs more of a ad then on the right is my oldest daughter McKayla taking a picture of e taking a picture of's family tradition to do it!

This is a picture of one of my Bestest friends ever, Sarah. The picture is a little sideways and so is she and I wouldn't change her for the world. She ROCKS!!!
This is Sarah's DH, Justin just playing some Ball with my youngest, McKenzie!

On the left is Sarah & Justin's Son Evyn. H is the cutest little boy I have ever laid eyes on. Speaking of eyes, his are killer, Back off ladies we have pre arranged the marriage between Evyn and McKenzie! LOL The second picture is Evyn and another of my Best friends, Diana, Who also happens to be my sister in Law!
My Brother PJ checking out Maren's Flowers (yeah they are actually weeds pulled from beside my hose...LOL) Maren is another one of my friend's cute!

This is Tiff and her Daughter Jade, who is just completely played out. Tiff and I were pregnant at the same time, kinda. Our daughters are about 4 months apart.
The Boys just hanging out. Nice face there Kev!

And this is what McKayla looked like after the fireworks...Yup, She's Done!

This picture is from after all has calmed down. Everyone is on bed, the place is all leaned up and as I sat down to start writing this post our Oscarfish decided to eat another one of his tank mates. Funny thing is when we added the two gouramis (sp) two weeks ago we jokingly named them "lucky" ad " Not Lunch" Turns out we were wrong because this one is the one we named Not Lunch...tee hee. Wait til my DH sees this picture! Moral of the story...There is ALWAYS a bigger fish....HAHAHAHA
Well goodnight all and I will be back soon with a more crafty kind of post. I hope all my fellow Maple Leafers had just as Fabulous a Canada Day as I did.


  1. Fun Pics!
    Cutest kids ever!
    But.....where are the pics of you may I ask???

  2. Looks like you all had a great time and I can see that your daughters inherited your curls. They're too cute!

    Take Care.

  3. Great pics. Darling children!
    love those eyes...
    Girls have gorgeous hair too (like their mama).
    Happy Late Canada Day!