Friday, July 18, 2008

Oh Buttons!

I have been working really hard to get to bed early these days and so far I am about 60/40. Tonight am on the 40 side since it is 2: 20 when I am writing I can't help it to today, I shall place the blame on my LSS.

I went shopping today with my youngest daughter since my oldest was with Gramma and wouldn't you know it I found myself in the Local Scrapbook store. I had been to the other one the day before :) Anyway I found some of the most delicious looking buttons in there. Where have these been hiding all my life, SO CUTE!

These wonderful buttons are from SEI called Chic-a-dee. I also picked up another tube called
"Jolie Chocolat" (which are not listed on the website) MMMMM Sounds yummy. They are all pink and brown (not that I like that color combo)

Anyway, with this card I feel like I stepped outside my box for a few reasons. First off I don't typically use a lot of orange, but when I found this pattern paper (yes I bought MORE) from We R Memory Keepers from the White Out Collection I just pictured the card in my head.

Second reason: I very seldom use a bazillion buttons or even two or three for that matter.In any event, I was rather pleased with how this one turned out.

I also like the way it looks completed on the inside to match. I think I may have to try one with the pink and brown buttons, only I will have to use my Faux Ribbon set to make my own plaid paper to match and then perhaps the Polka Dot Basics set to do the circles. Stay tuned for that one...maybe LOL
That is all for today!

Signed: Impatiently waiting for Papertrey Ink order. I mean seriously, did you SEE the new stuff?? **SIGH**
P.S: Just thought I would mention that this post was actually written months ago but I took it down as I had submitted the card, sadly I have not heard anything about it.


  1. ah Jewels I remember this card- LOVE it, so much so that I asked to feature it on Inspirational (back when I posted for them)

    Totally casing this BTW

  2. Love it... also love that you detailed the inside!