Friday, July 18, 2008

Just Venting...& Spiders Yuck!

This is just a venting session that you may even find slightly humorous! The title will turn out to be a completely intentional pun. Right now it is not so funny to me but I am sure a will laugh later. (For those not interested I do have a nice card posted this morning below this post)

A few days ago I noticed that my dryer was not properly drying our clothes, actually not at all! SO I asked my DH to check it out when he got home from North Dakota. Our laundry room is not finished so I find it creepy and it usually has creepy crawlies of the 8 legged variety! I am completely FEARFUL of those icky things! I freeze up entirely and my gosh if I get one on me, really makes for some entertainment for those near me. I usually scream and cry and jump about like a hot Mexican jumping bean.

Anyway, he came home the other day and STILL had to looked at it so this morning I asked him to do it, pull it out from the wall check the lint trap, the hose and the exhaust vent outside. He took apart the lint trap thingy and said it was all clear and checked everything else and said it was all fine. SO I called a repair guy who said it would cost $54 for the first 10 minutes and $1 for every minute after that. OK HOLY!!! but what do you do right? so I scheduled for them to come right away.

Since I have an embarrassing amount of laundry and the wet clothes in the dryer I ask the DH to take the clothes in the dryer and put them in garbage bag and hide away all the clothes laying around. He says he did it and goes back to work. Ok bye bye! Then I went downstairs to make sure all was tidy looking and BEHOLD he had not hidden the laundry away. So I start scooping the clothes off the floor and "tuck" them away (which really means I launched them onto my DD's bed so I could close the door) after the second scoop of clothes I go back for a third and WHAM! BIG HONKIN' HAIRY WOLF SPIDER!! For my Canadian readers the leg span around was larger then a twoonie, so what about and inch and half? YUCK!!!

After spending a minute or so frozen as the big thingy practically stares me in the eye, I grabbed one of Curtis' hardcover books from the shelf behind me and carefully hold it above the spider (like in the air about 3 feet) and then I drop it....and MISSED, damn! it kinds scurried a few inches away and then stopped again. I guess it was not done with its eyeball showdown with me. I decided I would quickly race up the stairs and grab my Spider Raid (which I always keep easily available on the shelf above my kitchen counter) and race back down the stairs. Thankfully the creepy critter had not gone away because then I would not know where it is and that would be worse. I am trying to get up the nerve to spray it cuz I know as soon as I do it is going to start running like hell, which it did but I followed it and kept spraying until the thing finally gave in and shriveled up. SO THERE you yucky spider!

Now the repair guys are here and the basement smells of Raid (love that raid) and they go immediately to the exhaust vent outside. YUP! there is the chunks of lint bulging from the vent shutters! WOW, now I'm embarrassed. All they did was plucked the lint from the vent and empty the water that had built up in the hose coming from the dryer and done. Works like new, NO KIDDING!

So Ladies the moral of the story: if this ever happens to you, please avoid paying $56.70 for a lit plucker and just check the damn thing yourself! Then you can spend the $56 on PTI stamps!!!


  1. oh JEWELS! I've had a similar experience (with my dryer vent, not a huge spider) and I just felt so incompetent when the repair guy fished out a huge lint ball in something like 30 seconds flat. And guess what I'm looking at right now? My PTI order! just arrived. Digging into the box of chocolatety goodness now. I hope yours arrives soon. It's happiness in a box!

  2. bwaahhhaa
    I hate those damn things too!